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10-29-01 04:51 AM


So who are slx's puppets?
The administration can answer that best.

Headbanger 10-29-01 04:59 AM

Originally posted by eclectica

The administration can answer that best.
Good answer dude... about what I expected from you.

10-29-01 05:56 AM

Originally posted by Headbanger

The only people who fully support slx .

I "fully support" all the currently banned members return to the forum, HB.

But they also appear to have his thoughts as well.

Wrong! I have yet to post anything from any banned member nor have I posted their thoughts in my own words. Everything I have posted has been my own thoughts and opinions.

Please refrain from telling the board my thoughts, since you do not know, nor have the ability to ascertain what I am thinking. Why wouldn't my thoughts "appear" to coincide with Steve's, since we agree that his banning, and anyones, is wrong.

Just because our opinions "appear" to be the same, does NOT mean I am posting his thoughts. I was not "chosen" by Steve to make the posts I have, I choose of my own free will to fight for his and the others return, much unlike yourself who was chosen to uphold gaz's laws, and you wouldn't dare go against the one who chose you, for FEAR of losing your illustrious position.

You and the rest of gaz's goon squad are by far more in line with "puppets" than I or eclectica could ever be. No one is pulling my strings, you cannot say that, because gaz most DEFINATELY is pulling yours. Deny it till your blue in the face, but until you cease being a mod, you are undoubtably doing gaz's "bidding", and your posts and replies are biased and mirror your masters wishes.

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