The afterdeath started off well enough for snoopyar. First there was the standard sinking feeling, followed by the blaming of everyone else, followed by the famous last thoughts "Woulda fuckin' made it out CLEAN if I hadn't gone back in for the fuckin' tv, not even fuckin' NEW!" before snoopyar's 'mind' became totally captivated by his new environment.

It took snoopyar considerably longer than most to fully appreciate his situation, his 'position' in the afterdeath. There was no hiding behind a screen, no mask of anonymity. No laughter. The sounds, smell and sights of the afterdeath overwhelmed him.

And the temperature!!!! Snoopyar almost had time to think "Fuckin' too fuckin' hot!" when he was suddenly confronted by a terrifying, large manlike creature. Snoopyar's first demon. The demon's chest and groin area caught Snoopyar's eye first, as it was festooned with dozens of flaccid, metallic looking spiked penises. Then their eyes met. It was one way love at first sight. Without hesitation, or even foreplay, the demon's penises grew to full erection, and he began to pant and vibrate with lust and desire. His arms snatched snoopyar into a crushing embrace and the penises tore into snoopyar's flesh. He opened his mouth to scream out the agony but the demons mouth clapped against his and he felt it's cauterizingly hot tongue push into his mouth and begin to blisteringly tickle the roof of his mouth and the back of his scorching throat. The demon rapidly thrusted his barbed tools into snoopyar's new orifices until he came explosively, filling his love toy with his afterdeathly sperm. His paroxysmic ejaculation had resulted in multiple crushed bones, and when he finally withdrew snoopyar's violated body crumpled to the smoking, vermin infested ground.

Snoopyar had not managed to think a single thought during this awful greeting. He was still stunned when his wounds began to close, and it wasn't until they began to swell that he began to be himself enough to start hating again. Most of the demons left him alone during the incubation period, although some would point him out to their buddies, and they would shriek out their menacing laugh,"hahaha", like a tornado of hot stinking wind.

The swellings grew larger and began to hurt more than the violation had. Snoopyar began to notice movement in the gross protuberances. When the little demon fetuses began to chew their way deeper, his constant begging and mournful howling brought a watchful crowd.

It could only get worse.