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View Full Version : Bush in Africa

2003-08-06, 10:38
Here's a letter supposedly written by some Senegalese person that I got forwarded to me in the e-mail:
Dearest friends,

As you probably know, this week George Bush is visiting Africa. Starting with Senegal, he arrived this morning at 7:20 AM and left at 1:30 PM. This visit has been such an ordeal that a petition is being circulated for this Tuesday July 8th to be named Dependency Day.

Let me share with you what we have been through since last week.

1- Arrests: more than 1,500 persons have been arrested and put in jail between Thursday and Monday. Hopefully they will be released now that the Big Man is gone.

2- The US Army's planes flying day and night over Dakar. The noise they make is so loud that one hardly sleeps at night.

3- About 700 security people from the US for Bush's security in Senegal, with their dogs, and their cars. Senegalese security forces were not allowed to come near the US president.

4- All trees in places where Bush will pass have been cut. Some of them have been there for more than 100 years.

5- All roads going down town (where hospitals, businesses, schools are located) were closed from Monday night to Tuesday at 3 PM. This means that we could not go to our offices or schools. Sick people were also obliged to stay at home.

6- National exams for high schools that started on Monday are postponed until Wednesday.

Bush's visit to the Goree Island is another story. As you may know Goree is a small Island facing Dakar where from the 15th to the 19th century, the African slaves to be shipped to America were parked in special houses called slave houses. One of these houses has become a Museum to remind humanity about this dark period and has been visited by kings, queens, and presidents. Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, and before them, Nelson Mandela, the Pope, and many other distinguished guests or ordinary tourists visited it without bothering the islanders. But for "security reasons" this time, the local population was chased out of their houses from 5 to 12 AM. They were forced by the American security to leave their houses and leave everything open, including their wardrobes to be searched by special dogs brought from the US.

The ferry that links the island to Dakar was stopped and offices and businesses closed for the day.

According to an economist who was interviewed by a private radio, Senegal, which is a very poor country, has lost a huge amount of money in this visit, because workers have been prevented from walking out of their homes.

In addition to us being prevented to go out, other humiliating things happened also. Not only did Bush not want to be with Senegalese, but he did not want to use our things. He brought his own armchairs, and of course his own cars, and meals and drinks. He came with his own journalists, and ours were forbidden inside the airport and in places he was visiting.

Our president was not allowed to make a speech. Only Bush spoke when he was in Goree. He spoke about slavery. It seems that he needs the vote of the African Americans to be elected in the next elections, and he wanted to please them. That's why he visited Goree.

Several protest marches against American politics have been organized yesterday and even when Bush was here, but we think he does not care.

We have the feeling that everything has been done to convince us that we are nothing, and that America can behave the way it wants, everywhere, even in our country.

Believe me friends, it is a terrible feeling. But according to an Ugandan friend of mine, I should not complain because in Uganda, one of the countries he is going to visit, Bush does not intend to go out of the airport. He will receive the Ugandan President in the airport lounge.

Nevertheless, I think I am lucky, because I have such wonderful American friends. But there are now thousands of Senegalese who believe that for all Americans the world is their territory.

Love to you all
I don't know whether the letter is genuine but it touches on a lot of good points. It is a little too partisan with the praise of Clinton though. Actually it was under Clinton that the United States failed to intervene to prevent the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

It seems the United States has the wrong priorities by sending troops to Iraq but not to Liberia. The Iraqis don't want the Americans there, but the Liberians have had in the past a special affection for Americans, because it is a country which was founded by Americans.

The United States owes a lot to Liberia, which has been a good ally for a long time now. Yet the fact that the United States is not doing anything besides a few symbolic acts of impotence, such as the parking of a ship nearby in the area, says much about the United States. The American motto should be "a friend in need is a friend indeed".

2003-08-16, 16:11
that is so wrong what gives him that power any of those powers even in the us
are they are leaders or medieval style kings?
americans are just another commodity for bush to bargin or oppose with

hahaha someone needs to do something about the bush government and talking about it the american government
its corrupt greedy and ignorant and always has always will unless the people do something about it
like here in aus we get more done bitching about it and we have no fear to put into the government
us people could go on a rampage killing the military and government setting up its own things and ruling for the better of the american people
i love all people but many americans are influenced by the governemts motives and lies

why go to the iraq when there is no proof
-told to wait
-didnt wait
-didnt find it
-still behind the fact?

my prime minister John WINSTON(hahaha) Howard i believe was led on by the bush and the inteligence community he has been denying anything he has done wrong cause even i believed saddam was back at it again
but comeon bush who are you? who the fuck do you think you are really leader of the world? us president?
either way he no right to do what he does

the congo? how many millions are deads from the last years of fighting
and bush does nothing why? no oil!!!!! what dosent he know of the diamonds? lol