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View Full Version : possible login / logout issues

2006-09-14, 11:14
I changed in the last couple of hours the cookie domain on this site from .3-3-3.org to (blank) and then back to .3-3-3.org. This change may have caused you to either have problems logging in to the site, or if you had selected to be automatically logged in, you may then have problems logging out.

If you have this login or logout problem, the way to fix it is to delete the cookies in your browser for this site. To minimize disruption you would want to delete the cookies just for this site rather than all cookies stored in the browser. I found that this was possible to do with Firefox, but with Internet Explorer I had to delete all the cookies.

To delete the cookies from this particular site in Firefox, go to Tools --> Options --> "Privacy" tab --> "Cookies" tab --> "View Cookies" button then click on and highlight 3-3-3.org and select to "Remove Cookies".

To delete all cookies in Internet Explorer, go to Tools --> Internet Options --> "General" tab --> "Delete Cookies" button.

While I tried to delete the particular cookies from just @3-3-3.org and @www.3-3-3.org in Internet Explorer, I still had problems afterwards, so I had to delete all the cookies in the browser. In fact the whole problem with the way Internet Explorer handles cookies is the reason that I had to restore the cookie domain back from (blank) to .3-3-3.org.

vBulletin by default does not work too well with Internet Explorer, giving cookie problems and crippling the ability to resize fonts. See at the vBulletin forum (http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/) using Internet Explorer how you can not resize the fonts, because they use in their Style Manager font size specifications which IE doesn't recognize like "10pt" instead of "medium". I think they would say at vBulletin that it is IE which is at fault, but regardless I try to work around the problems on this site because it is a popular browser.

To verify that your cookies are working okay on this site you ought to try logging in and logging out of your account using varying browsers.