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2003-08-13, 01:19
please refer to this announcement:

2003-08-13, 01:24
One thing I'm thinking of changing is disallowing unregistered guests from being able to view the Members List (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/memberlist.php). While they can't view your e-mail through it, they can view everything else about your profile, such as your birthday or ICQ number. What do you think I should do?

2003-08-13, 01:27
Originally posted by eclectica
What do you think I should do?


This could get tough.

1st thing...

2003-10-24, 17:04
A new setting for the board is that I've allowed guests to reply to posts, but not to start new threads. Let's see how that changes things. I give the unregistered guests a lot of options so that they don't feel they have to register here just to make one post.

I look forward to more posting by the anonymous cowards, the jews for jesus, and of course, the logcabin republicans.

Logcabin Larry
2003-10-24, 17:06
Thanks asshole, you made my day. :)

2004-01-06, 18:16
im missin somethin.........

2004-01-15, 06:18
Unregistered guests can view all 4 public forums but can only post in 3 of them. Unregistered guests can not post in the lounge forum anymore.

2004-01-24, 15:42
I was concerned that I had made the forum so open that I had destroyed the community. In other words, by allowing guests to post anywhere in the public forums, that I had gone too far. I seek the right balance between openness versus community/insularity. Perhaps there needs to be a refuge and a place we can call our own, so I closed off the miscellaneous "dionysians" lounge to posting only by registered members.

I particularly chose to close off that subforum because it is the place where we interact with each other the most as a community. The filesharing forums are more professional and objective in their feel, and draw outsiders in. I continue to value the input of unregistered guests in those forums.

Actually the miscellaneous forum is a mixture of both objective and subjective threads. I was thinking of dividing it into two forums (resulting in 5 public forums on this site), with one part containing the subjective subjects in which we talk about the music we like, ourselves, and the people we know; and the other part being an objective forum of news and political threads. If such a division is made in the future, then again I will allow the guests to post in the objective one but keep the subjective, personal subforum off limits.

If you agree or disagree with the decision about where unregistered guests can post, then you can make your point known in this thread (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=265).

2004-03-26, 15:31
how about a jacuzzi?

2004-03-28, 10:29
i dont like the idea of splitting the general discussion board. It is fun because there is a whole bunch of variet in one. Nobody wants an entire packet of yellow m & m's... u want variety all in one... and having to buy 5 packets of m&m's just so u have variety is shite.

Some forums have everything split into different board sections based on the most minimal factors, and that just makes posting hard work... like excercise. Right now posting here is like eating ice-cream and the only work i have to do is think wether i want chocolate or caramel fudge... i vote to not turning it into excercise. Lets just keep it as our desert prior and yet again, after dinner.

2004-03-29, 06:27
i thinks its fine now
zp is a bastard to find old posts
but thats also to do with how many people post

2004-07-22, 05:37
I created two new usergroups: Banned, and Menstruating Dildos. If you are in any of these two usergroups, you will be listed on the Show Groups (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showgroups.php) page.

The Banned group is not to be thought of as "banished". It is instead a locking and freezing of a user's account. The staff can ban and unban members, and select the time length that they are to be banned as well. It is a useful security tool if anyone's account gets hijacked or if a member acts out of line, or for maintenance reasons. Banned members can not edit their profiles, board settings, or their posts. Everything gets frozen.

The Menstruating Dildos usergroup is almost the same as the regular Registered member group, but it has a few more restrictions. The restrictions are that no attachments can be uploaded, no PMs can be sent or read, and emailing an article to a friend is disabled as well.

2004-07-22, 14:39
what are the requirements for becoming a menstruating dildo and having pm and attachment privelleges taken away?

2004-07-22, 19:25
what are the requirements for becoming a menstruating dildo and having pm and attachment privelleges taken away?
It's a restriction type of thing for people I don't like or want to be sending PMs to people or posting their shitty attachments. It's totally subjective. Have I become a hypocrite by using the admin toolbelt? Do you think I'm abusing my powers unnecessarily by doing so, and specifically should Harby be allowed to post attachments and send PMs here?

2004-07-22, 23:49
you do not like members questioning you or your actions
I feel I am open to criticism and suggestions, and I try not to have a condescending attitude.

I remember you being upset because the now dead 'mike' said 'you have no friends'
I was upset because I was banned from TehRu and I thought they were my friends, so that was shocking to me to be banned by my friends. But what he said wasn't particularly upsetting.

The reason I probably got banned from TehRu is that I had an altercation with Mike on the forum and he called me and my family all sorts of names, but then the next morning he edited it all out in his post so it looked like I was the one starting trouble with him when I didn't drop the issue. Maybe he went crying to the admins and they banned me.

i've been the closes thing to a real online friend you've ever had.

you have newfound UNDERSTANDING and respect for Gary Robinson.

2004-07-23, 00:30
It's a restriction type of thing for people I don't like or want to be sending PMs to people or posting their shitty attachments. It's totally subjective. Have I become a hypocrite by using the admin toolbelt? Do you think I'm abusing my powers unnecessarily by doing so, and specifically should Harby be allowed to post attachments and send PMs here?

I think the admin and moderators here have been more than fair with their tolleration.

I don't think an outright ban would be a good idea though... because well... at the end of the day, harby is just some fat humpty (omg i said ur fat! no excuses this time!) sitting at his keyboard creating minimal effect on anyone here.

2004-07-23, 01:21
I don't like the idea of long term banning. I see banning as a temporary way to lock down someone's account until the question of what to do with the person is decided. Long term banning is a type of mutual obsession on the part of both forum staff and banned members, which shows that the forum staff is just as obsessed with forever screwing the banned person, as the person may be likewise accused by the forum staff of maliciously plotting against the forum.

Yesterday I had Harby banned for a few hours and slx recommended that he be unbanned, so it's good for him that he has people supporting him here and giving me a different point of view. But I didn't plan to leave him banned anways and instead was eventually going to delete his account, making all his former posts show up as made by a guest with his username. That's why I changed his name to "Harby", because I wanted his posts for the permanent forum record under that username rather than his former name "tim".

Another problem with banning is that the user could reregister with another name, so it creates more problems and chaos in the long run. That's why I don't like the idea of closing threads, because then another one gets started anyways.

So to sum up what I've said: deleting is good, but banning is bad.

And Harby, don't be intimidated by the admins or moderators here. They still don't have much power over you even though you might think so. I want you to repeat after me:
"I am my own administrator and moderator and I control my own destiny. I have the power in my hands to end it all."

Why don't you show us all who's really in charge of you? You need to empower yourself and take your destiny in your own hands rather than having us here play with you like the flatulent blowup doll that you are.

2004-07-24, 02:05

is that enough for you?

Hey puss~face, u forget all about me.

Aren't you dead yet?

Die tttimmy, DiE

2004-07-24, 14:50
I've refrained from posting for 24hours...you've had one crappy post by Dollar_Girl almost a pity post out of sympathy for a worthless forum and a shitty admin.


wow dude... as i recall you have now also been BACK 24 hours... and i still don't see any major increase in posting. Could it be that you gave yourself credit, when credit was in actual fact not due?

Maybe the mystery of the effect on posting your presence on the forum has, is like the mystery of why coffee gives u gas one day, and does not bloat you the next day?

2004-07-24, 15:39
perhaps a longer test is needed to prove my point..say I don't post at all for a month, two or three...do you think that YOU would really want to be here if I didn't?

hey humpty, i was posting before u were a member, and i'll probably be here, long after ur clogged arteries gave up on u and u had a heartattack and died.

2004-07-25, 04:25
JEALOUSY has rear'd its ugly head again I see...dude that's fucking pathetic and coming from me that judgement HAS GOT to hurt as you deem me the self-styled expert on such things.

I understand you not wanting me to answer this question...i had a much shorter, poignant and to the point diatribe earlier for you this morning but decided to wait before laying it upon you.

I will say you remind me of TankGirl very much now in how you do not like members questioning you or your [i]actions[/b]...you've stared at the monsters too long that you've become one but hell you had EVERY RIGHT to be...you were pushed into it by me..i even know the exact thing that set you over the edge.

however this ALL CONSUMING JEALOUSY you have with and or over me is just silly and SICK..what the FUCK have you got to be jealous about?

'my online friendships/relationships'?

those things are completely worthless less than 1/2 of 1/100th percent value on expired irredeemable coupons.

I remember you being upset because the now dead 'mike' said 'you have no friends'

The reason you have no friends is simple:


i cannot help you with your trust issues..but i've been the closes thing to a real online friend you've ever had.

I actually see right the fuck through you..maybe you find that scary as hell..if someone saw through me..i would too.


do what you will as you will to do it in.

Last thing I hope and am sure you have newfound UNDERSTANDING and respect for Gary Robinson.

one last cock-crow from me..i have the things he was so afraid of that got me banned...i saved an archived the PM's he sent to me which reveal him a much better person than anyone ever thought he was or could be.

I have ZERO qualms with Gary Robinson or p2pzone..i have honestly no qualms with you other than to show you some things about urself that u didn't know were there or existed.

ban, suspend me all you like it won't make you feel any better..if it does its phoney and unrealistici already told you once fatmonster....e had nothing to do with it, cept setting it up for me....your status can be blamed on me...i did whatever has been done to you...not e...

don't think we don't like you just 'cause of what i did....

know it dude....

2004-07-25, 04:32
at the end of the day, harby is just some fat humpty you saw his pic too huh?....

2004-07-25, 04:40
ur clogged arteries that's rite $...fat people have poor blood flow....that may be why most if not all fat people i've ever know claim to have teenieweenie beenieweenies

nic...maybe you should just encourage him to eat more fat dude....

2004-07-25, 16:12
today, having the inferno logo on the top left hand side is making my head hurt. I think it should be on top right. :zap: :axeman:

2004-07-26, 21:44
tim you are now in the Registered usergroup.

2004-07-26, 22:16
i am as BIG an asshole as slx was to gary robinson...so really was it just an arbitrary whim that put me in that terrible place to begin with?

and if you must know i was 'parroting' something I heard the now legendary 'czar' say to the infamous 'gary' on his board from long forgotten lore..where he called him a 'shitty' admin.

I don't think that about you at all..but I did want to see if would produce the same response from you as it did with GR...apparently it works..there is no difference...and calling this to attention does nothing to endear me to you I know.

as such...i speak weighing the risks hoping you'll prove me wrong that you are a better person than to let my stupid, stupid criticisms, ridicule and outright defiance get to you.
It wasn't due to your criticism of me. If I wanted to stop criticism then you wouldn't have been able to still post. I was worried that you were using the PMs and attachments to stalk and obsess over members here.

2004-07-26, 22:20
i propose a truce
like this?


2004-07-27, 02:32
you were using the PMs and attachments to stalk and obsess over members here.

2004-07-27, 02:37
don't sugar-coat it for me..just say plain the things u mean.

because i could
Bill Clinton

2004-07-27, 15:25
you can't use PMs to stalk or obsess....

ur wrong humpty. You are living in an age where excessive text messaging to cell phones is legally considered stalking. Text message verbal abuse and threats are genuine harrasment claims. So why not PMs? or attachments? oh let me guess its not possible in your case... because ur 'special'? We will take into consideration your mental retardation, but please know, while that information will be considered, in no way will you be fully exempt from responsiblity humpty.

2004-07-28, 00:15
this was almost stuped..except for the fact that it made sense...so it's impossible to stalk or obsess with pm's however it isn't impossible to harrass someone through pm's...i still don't buy the bit about attachments being harassing.

So why didn't eclectica just say he felt I was harassing you? why wait and let you answer it?

so did you feel threatened by me in any way, sweetie?

tell me ur pain...i really care hahahahahahahahahahaha!

I never sent any messages to your cellphone

don't make shit up..you do enough exaggeration/embellishment as is without resorting to outright untruths.

and shitty insinuations..or is than called 'innuendo'?

honestly what's bugging you kat?

umm... humpty, where did i say u had sent me text messages to my phone? and where did i say i felt abused by you via any system available through the forum? lol, there is your ego again. Even when i don't write "you, you , you!!!" , you still see it dude... it's all you lill' buddy.

2004-07-30, 05:02
I still love you, Tom.

maybe you and eclectica will be homosexual elephants in your next lives...

when you argue you will be forking each other with ur tusks...

and in your spare time u will just be porking each other...

2004-10-06, 07:54
i cannot imagine any spare time between the porking lol

2004-10-07, 13:26
I could fall in love with the way Dollar writes. I'm tellin ya she kicks me in the ass with laughter.

2004-10-08, 13:58
i already am lol
she has a great style yes
much away from the norm
which is a good thing believe it or not
i wish i had her talents i have do much to say but i cannot say it right
and sometimes its worse than good when i do that

im learning for a purpose
not simply personal gain
as u can see talents not only get u places but can take others with u
thats my line and im stickin with it :p