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View Full Version : heartwarming holiday thoughts

2006-12-25, 17:04
as i listen to j. s. bach's "the well tempered clavier, bwv 846" in harpsichord i feel invigorated and inspired knowing that if a great master of skill such as bach could write something so beautiful and elegant, then too i should try to do the same. i most likely will fail at the task, but if i could write something that is even one one-hundredth as divine as what bach wrote then it will be a worthwhile endeavor. i want to contribute towards making the world a better place. hence i have decided to share with you some of my heartwarming holiday thoughts on this birthday of the emasculated apollonian jesus.

i wish that bad things would happen to bad people, and good things would happen to good people. that would be justice. giving to people, both good and bad, a taste of their own medicine, is exactly what they deserve. hence the wicked and ungenerous shall receive cruelty and misery raining upon their heads, while those who are righteous, warm, and giving, will receive goodness upon them.

i hope that the meek shall inherit the earth. by "meek" i do not mean weak, for weakness is not an admirable quality. by meek i mean those who are humble and quiet and who have little vanity. by meek i mean those who are good for the sake of goodness, and who feel that virtue is its own reward.

i do not seek to change or reform people, but instead i would like to offer the fatal sword for those who are wicked and cruel.

i am no "christian scientist", but i do believe in darwinism. i am concerned about the gene pool and the distribution of power, and the fact that those who are cruel tend to have the power in this world. the only way to resolve this is to eliminate those who are cruel or greedy from the gene pool in a campaign to improve the human race. while a systematic eugenics approach seems more efficient, the fact is that the state and the government can never be trusted to do the right thing without being corrupted itself. i am opposed to organized religion along the lines of emasculated christianity. i am a neo christian or islamist, and i believe that justice will be found on the personal level without icons or leaders. therefore i ask that each of you who are righteous to perform your duty and to seek justice on a personal level, and to do your part to make the world a better place.

i ask simply that all of you have the strength and the will to give people a taste of their own medicine.

:tune: J. S. Bach - the well-tempered clavier, book I - harpsichord Prelude and Fugue I in C Major (A=415hz), BWV 846.mp3 (http://www.tatom.org/eclectica/J. S. Bach - the well-tempered clavier, book I - harpsichord Prelude and Fugue I in C Major (A=415hz), BWV 846.mp3) 7.2 MB

ED2K link (ed2k://|file|J..S..Bach.-.the.well-tempered.clavier,.book.I.-.harpsichord.Prelude.and.Fugue.I.in.C.Major.(A=415hz),.BWV.846.mp3|7540820|3D9F4EE638F7F24DDDC7F5C05E7A61CC|h=B2334B2CNSCC536UK6H7CZ5DM73ARFAI|/) (if above link fails)