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View Full Version : "democracy" for the Palestinians

2007-06-22, 10:58
Does the United States and Israel support "democracy"? The answer is clearly no. When Hamas won elections in January 2006, USrael was unhappy with the results. They boycotted and blocked the elected Hamas government and the Palestinians. USrael stole tax money collected for the government and refused to hand it over. And diplomatically they refused to recognize the elected government. They instead dealt with Abbas, and decided that he was the leader of the Palestinians. They financed and supported Abbas in order to undermine the elected government.

Abbas and Fatah just represent the security services or military of the Palestinians. Normally in a government of the people and by the people, such a branch of the government should be subservient to the people. Americans expect that the President and the Congress run the country, not the military. What USrael was trying to do with the Palestinians, was have the military branch take over. USrael, by supporting Abbas, was encouraging a coup.

Those who really support "democracy" should be happy that for the Palestinians in Gaza, it was the people who last week finally gained control of the security services. The people in the Gaza section were able to avoid a USraeli supported coup and instead it was the people who triumphed, by having the military and security services be taken over by the civilian government dominated by Hamas.

But in the West Bank section the results were the opposite, with the USraeli supported coup succeeding and Abbas declaring an emergency government or dictatorship. In addition many of the Hamas legislators and leaders have been killed or are locked up in USraeli jails.

Everyone is working really hard to undermine "democracy" in the Gaza section. USrael intends to starve the people there to collectively punish them and weaken them until they accept the military dictatorship of Fatah and Abbas. And it being a small strip of land surrounded by hostile countries such as USrael and Egypt, they will indeed starve.

All the Arabic or Muslim countries who have come out in support of Abbas are themselves corrupt. That is why the Egyptian dictatorship supports Abbas. They want to maintain their own dictatorship and so they support the dictatorship of the Palestinians. It's all done with the rhetoric and propaganda of supporting democracy or of fighting terrorism.

The Europeans are all cowards who do nothing but talk and do not dare defy the USraelis. The Chinese are emerging as a viable superpower that rivals USrael, but are only motivated by self-interest and so have no reason to support "democracy" and the Hamas government.

I found a good article on Guardian Unlimited which explains what happened in the Gaza section:
Hamas acted on a very real fear of a US-sponsored coup (http://www.guardian.co.uk/israel/Story/0,,2108926,00.html)

2007-07-18, 03:24
Bush read a speech yesterday regarding the Palestinians and the Israelis. Here it is:


2007-07-27, 00:12
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