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View Full Version : What is the point of this forum?

2008-11-11, 17:55
What's the point of this forum if nothing is posted/discussed?
The most recent post was over three months ago.
Has the novelty worn off because of facebook or twitter?

2008-11-12, 03:43
I think the novelty has worn off for me. Forums are outdated and are like one little cell with a small group of people. And if you're the only one writing, then it's like blogging, which is boring too.

2008-11-28, 20:45
letting go of old friends that we've managed to get to know in a small way is tough....there's perhaps not a day that goes by that i don't reminisce about people i've met online but never got to meet....it's a new world....we make friends we'll never meet

although i have little to nothing to say these days...i do check in from time to time...

life grows old

mr e...i read your pm but i'm at least 6-8 hours from N.O. i'm at the extreme northwestern corner of mississippi...just across the street from memphis

maybe another day friend

2008-12-18, 13:17
For the most part, I can only post in response to what others say.
I've seen other forums splintering off into small groups, then they die.

2009-04-06, 12:36
For the most part, I can only post in response to what others say.
I've seen other forums splintering off into small groups, then they die.

Why don't you try to change it up, by posting so that others can respond. Perhaps a bit of proactive posting will revive this much-needed vehicle of expression.

2009-04-14, 11:17
I started out on the internet in 1996 with my first computer running Windows 95 that had a 1.6 GB hard drive, costing $1500. I had an AOL dialup account and used to go into chat rooms to trade porn pictures. Someone would build an email list and then you would trade your pictures with others by hitting "reply to all" so that everyone on the list would get a picture. They threw me off of AOL because some loser on the list complained to AOL, and it violated AOL's terms of service to send pictures by way of email. AOL had sent me a warning after the complaint, and I sent them a nice picture of someone eating shit, telling them to EAT THIS.

I missed the chat rooms of AOL but got my porn from sites like ampland.com. I spent a lot of time online viewing porn. Eventually after a year I grew tired of it.

My former wife's brother Yacouba lived with us 1999-2000, and he installed Napster on the computer. That rekindled my interest in the internet, to be able to find old music and to share one's music with others. I also got into the Napster forums. I was impressed with the thoughtful writing that went on there as supposed to the brainless writing in chat. And I became a fan of forums.

Napster shut down their forum in May 2001, so I gravitated to another forum called The Napsterites Underground located at napsterites.net, where many members went. That was running vBulletin software. But there was a lot of banning and censorship there, and disgruntled members formed an alternative site called The Real Underground located at napsterites.org in Summer 2001. There was a rivalry and similar membership between both forums, with myself being a regular poster at The Real Underground, having been banned along with my friend "slx" from The Napsterites Underground.

In January 2003 I noticed that the domain name for napterites.net was registered to a Hotmail account gazdet@hotmail.com, an email which I registered myself. People who didn't use their Hotmail accounts eventually had them cancelled and reusable to anyone else. So after getting that email I then transferred over the domain name to my own ownership and control. For about three weeks nothing happened, because I didn't change anything. On February 11 "napho" noticed the ownership change and made an announcement. At that point I then altered the domain servers to the redirection service of Network Solutions and redirected all traffic from napsterites.net to napsterites.org. And I left it that way and went on vacation to Senegal for two weeks.

In March 2003 coming back from vacation, I found that The Napsterites Underground was working on the domain p2p-zone.com. And The Real Underground was shut down. The owner of the forum "SiXXGuNNZ" gave me a copy of the forum and database, to launch The Real Underground at dionysians.org. I purchased a vBulletin license for it. That lasted for about a month. But I had trouble with a database crash and didn't know how to fix it. So I relaunched on April 28 from scratch a new forum at dionysians.org, using the same vBulletin license.

And many of the members who have participated in this forum have come from that legacy, as well as some members who made a few posts from some other filesharing forums. But after all these years I feel like I don't know the real identity of the majority of the members who participated here, and most of them have moved on or no longer come here.

So it is my decision to shut down this forum within weeks.

2009-04-20, 23:38
it is my decision to shut down this forum within weeks.

i'll hate to see her close...even though i don't participate anywhere online these days, i still keep an eye on the old diggs...

good luck e.....stay safe and stay in touch

steve & kel

2009-06-08, 02:31
So, this is it?

I get the last post


Good luck all.