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View Full Version : Essential Software

2003-08-20, 10:38
ok im giving my computer a new install anyone think of anything stuff ill really need ive got most of it but i need german versions so if anyone knows a good site for software gimme a yell thanx

2003-08-21, 10:18
Basic programs you would need might be an antivirus program like Norton, a CD burning program like Nero, and you may find a program like WinRAR useful for opening and creating archived (like .zip or .rar) files. Then there are extras like Microsoft Office, or Sygate firewall Pro.

Do you have an operating system already? XP, Office XP, and Adobe Photo Shop are big files that would be hard for you to download on dialup. I have some things and if you put a request out for specific programs I can see about trying to get them to you.

I also use legally freeware programs such as Irfanview (http://www.irfanview.com/) for viewing graphics, Winamp (http://www.winamp.com/) for playing mp3s, CDex (http://www.cdex.n3.net/) to extract digital audio from my CDs, RazorLame (http://www.dors.de/razorlame/index.php) to encode CDs, SmartFTP (http://www.smartftp.com/) to access ftp sites.

2003-08-29, 13:12
hmmm my list is in the hundreds
its a 2G p4 MX genuine intell cpu
256+516 DDR Ram (512 coming in 2 days :)
new connection its 256/64 unlimited 24/7 :)
Geforce 2 64mb i dont worry it plays matirx RTCW and BF1942 no probs
110G HDD at about 8500 rpm? sound right for that speed i know the space its awesome :p i was dualbooting with no worries

i was running linux but im building a new machine to run it on it will be 2 p4's and 8G+ Ram so that will be something different :)
so now its xp pro with sp1
i run a few firewalls behind the router i got norton sygate and ZA configured to my liking :)
and i got it running windosblinds it looks nice and its running pretty well even without that ram im getting it so soon so it will be great

now i need to find german doftware i think!

2003-08-29, 15:08
Here are some German eDonkey sites. Getting about 20 things at once actually makes eMule fast!


2003-08-30, 13:01
oh thanx i forgot that one :p