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View Full Version : DeCSS

2003-08-23, 19:05
DeCSS is a code that decrypts the copy protection (CSS) in DVDs. It was released anonymously on 1999-10-06. Sites and publications in the United States were sued by the MPAA for posting the code. The MPAA has so far won because Judge Kaplan, who last presided over the case, decided that code is not protected by the First Amendment.

The judge is wrong. Posting code should be protected by the First Amendment. The DMCA should be ruled unconstitutional. I hope a DMCA-related case reaches the Supreme Court.

While direct posting of the code has been outlawed for now, people have found innovative ways around that, by wearing the code on T-shirts, or setting it as lyrics to music. David Touretzky's Gallery of DeCSS descramblers (http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/DeCSS/Gallery/) shows some clever and amusing ways around the ban. I like the square dance version sung by Shane Killian.

2003-08-27, 19:17
Two days ago the California Supreme Court decided that the rights of "intellectual property" outweigh the rights of free speech, and barred a man from posting the DeCSS code online. Here is the story:

California has little about it to take seriously. I don't view this decision as a loss. It is a State of fruitcakes dominated by Hollywood. The decision is no surprise.

2004-01-23, 04:21
Here's some good news for those fighting for the freedom to publish DeCSS. Today the DVD CCA ( http://www.dvdcca.org/) decided to drop its lawsuit Andrew Bunner, who had posted it on his web site.