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View Full Version : Request.. 0_o

2003-08-25, 17:02
I'm looking for the Candlebox Self Entitled Album at 192kbps... any help would be greatly appreciated

2003-08-26, 02:07
I'm downloading it now on SoulSeek from a person who has all eleven tracks. If it works out okay I can get it to you in about nine hours.

Here is the album listing:

2003-08-26, 11:22
The transfer died after uploading about 64 of the 75 MB zip file. It could be that there is a file size limit on the napsterite.org server. I'll try again later, or I'll upload the individual files if it doesn't work again.

2003-08-27, 06:25
candlebox.zip (http://www.napsterite.org/eclectica/warez/candlebox.zip) 76,326,531 bytes