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2003-05-03, 01:18
I was just in the bathroom and I hear this kitten meowing. So I look out the window and there is a kitty with a placenta in the yard!! So I get a towel and go out there. No biggie but I have 2 prego cats. So I bring in the prego that is hanging out and the kitten put them in a box and the damn cat gets outta the box and goes to the dresser drawer.So I cleaned out the drawer and put in an old sheet and the kitten. She seems to be ok but the kitten seems like something might be wrong with it. I don't know. I just thought that I would share this current adventure with you. If you have any info about birthing kittens let me know. :bluefish:

2003-05-03, 17:36
I don't know anything about this, but I imagine that in the beginning the life of the kitten is fragile, and it might have trouble latching on to the mother's breasts.

2003-05-03, 21:40
After my post last night the adventure continued. The mother cat is in the drawer having kittens and so I leave her so that nature can take it's course. I go in there later and the one she had in the yard is still attached to the placenta but the others don't appear to be. This was her first litter of kittens so I figured she would figure it out. I was wrong. When Dan got home we go to check on them and they are all in a ball and they were not coming apart. So on closer inspection we find out that she is not cleaning up any of the placenta! And they were all tangled together by umbilical cords! So needless to say we put on gloves and got the sisscors. So then we had 4 cat placenta to throw away. It was gross and it stunk! They are doing fine now though to me they seem small. I had my mom come and look at them and she said that they seem ok to her. The only tragdey is that she had one under a table instead of with the others and I didn't know it was there. She didn't clean the sack off of it and it died. Dan found it but it was still sad. So that is what I did on Friday night. :bluefish:

2003-05-13, 12:49
man that is complicated stuff! i used to breed guineapigs... they all made it work on their own! i didnt' have to clean placentas n stuff.

sorry bout the kitten that died ay. r u gonna sell the babies when they are a bit older?

2003-05-13, 14:52
Yeah I am gonna try to find them homes and give them away. One of the older ones got shut in a door yesterday and I am home today to take care of it. Luckily I have a friend in the neighborhood that is a vet and she came and looked it over. Nothing is broke and it is real sore but it is actually up a bit today so I know it is gonna be ok. It just wants to be held ALL the time. So while it was traumatic to me and the kitten I think that it will be ok. :bluefish:

2003-05-14, 10:38
well i hope your kitten heals quickly. Glad nothign is broken ay.

i once had a canary... it broke both its legs... i felt sad, beause we had to have it put down.

i just thought... damn... thats a tought price to pay for breaking your legs :confused:

2003-05-14, 19:36
Originally posted by Dollar_Girl
thats a tought price to pay for breaking your legs It's not economical to spend tons of money on a canary's surgery when it could more be cheaply killed.

Humans too have a certain value on their lives, although it tends to be higher than that of animals.

One of the factors in determining the value of life of a person is how much the person is exalted.

In the Israel versus Palestine conflict, the Israelis are more exalted, so their lives have more value. People such as Americans have more exaltation, so that the World wept when 3,000 of them died on 9-11, but no one seemed to care much when 700,000 Rwandans were massacred in 1994.

Just as it sucks being a canary with broken legs, so it too sucks being a human on this Earth with little exaltation.

2003-05-15, 01:05
i think that is quite right when it comes to 'values' on peoples lives.

i think how much the general public cares is embeded within some sort of 'place structure' - much like the old social structure of Europe.