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View Full Version : jitter correction and extracting digital audio

2003-09-12, 04:58
I was having trouble today extracting the track of a CD and converting it into a .wav file. It was the 22nd song in the CD. I seem to have more problems with the last tracks of CDs than the first ones. The program I had trouble with was CDex (http://www.cdex.n3.net/). I tried it with both jitter correction enabled and disabled, and neither worked. It took a long time to extract the files. With jitter correction enabled, it showed the file as being okay, but when I listened to it it was terrible sounding.

So then I tried Nero (http://www.nero.com/us/) without the jitter correction and I was still having the same problems. Finally I changed the Nero options and reduced the read speed from the maximum amount of 40X to 20X, and that solved the problem. Having it at 40X, which is selected by default, caused it to go much slower and produce errors than having it read at half speed.

I thought the jitter correction was supposed to take care of read speeds being too fast and fix them. Using it seems to make no difference on my CD unit.

So it seems the solution is to have the CD to be read at a slower speed than maximum, but I couldn't find a way in CDex to do that.

2003-09-12, 16:01
i use EAC if that dont do it nothing will
encode at 192k vbr lame