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2003-09-12, 06:09
Here is a new site that our member Beejus helped set up.


2003-09-25, 23:16
On behalf of AngryRants.com I Cameron Kilton would like to apologize to all offended by certain posts made to my system. I have taken measures to disable this site. I will also block my website(s) from the M.M.H.S. network.
I would also like to personally apologize to the teachers that were offended. All the teachers that know me understand I am taking all measures necessary to make AngryRants.com an enjoyable place. I have spoken with the Administration as M.M.H.S. and they are aware of this. This website will go under a massive undertaking to make enjoyable for users of all ages. Sorry for any problems that have incurred because of AngryRants.com immature users.

These users will remain un-named due to their age. Thanks to all for their time and patience will AngryRants.com and the M.M.H.S Administration handle this matter.

NOTE: As of October 1st of 2003 all Websites associated with the Maine School & Library Network will not be allowed to visit this webpage. (www.msln.net). This will include Machias Memorial High School and Rose M. Gaffney. If you have questions please contact me: webmaster@angryrants.com

Thank You,
Cameron Kilton
AngryRants.com Administration
What happened to the site?

2003-09-26, 15:15
I was expelled from school for that website.... because there was a poll about two teachers there...

also everyone else that had posted and went to my school was kicked out...

but don't worry, my lawyers are all over it, I have a news conference today at 12:30

Edited: and for the record, that message is a lie...my brother is just tryin to get out of the legal matters... it will not be open to children of all ages, lol, and he is only calling us immature just to make MMHS happy... but that was posted before our lawyer told us our rights, the site will change soon.

2003-09-26, 18:34
It's your First Amendment right to have that site and it shouldn't affect what goes on in school. Perhaps the ACLU would be interested in the case. I'm glad to see that you're not giving in. Let us know how the press conference worked out.

You should use your site to press your case against the school. Now that they've expelled you, what is there to lose? A GED is a pretty easy thing to get.

While school is said to be about learning, the path of defiance that you are taking will really be a learning experience, and is intellectually more honest. Learning is more important than getting the degree.

2003-09-27, 07:13
AngryRants.com is back up, make sure to re-register, and E, I can't wait to see your comments on the board about this.... read the thread called "the right move?"....

hope to see you all there to support me...

2003-10-02, 02:32
wow, Beej...i can't believe they expelled u.
that is bullshit.
but i would rather see u in school.
i understand the principle u fight.
and i want u to fight hard.
it will set a precedent, i'm sure.
so will u be able to go back to school?