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View Full Version : songz ur groovin to!

2003-09-12, 17:36
got something new? i like to hear all kinds metal a bit of rap and reggae and some rock and some that dosent fit :p

last - static x - im with stupid
now - sean paul - punky (espanol verion)
next - queen of the stone age - gunna leave you(espanol version)

hehe something about spanish :p

what u listening to?

2003-09-13, 08:37
Richthofen - Des Rätsels Lösung
from thier cd Helden Der Zeit if ya like metal

2003-09-13, 18:55
Lately I've been having songs by "Boards of Canada" playing in my head. There is always a tune playing in my head, and for the last few weeks it's been various songs by that group.

Even though I can play some tunes while sitting on the computer now, I often don't bother due to laziness.

I have different phases in which there are other different types of music in my head, like classical or R&B. I never studied it for patterns, but I wonder if depending on the season of the year, if I tend to like certain types of music in my collection.

2003-09-13, 20:02
i go on ramdom all day all night
well im up most of the time so i may as well
:beer: nah lol:D
tho sometimes
im into a lot of guitars and mostly stuff in other languages
what kinda rap r&b ya into?
im really likin sean paul right now
well its regae but sort of different listen to punky normal or spanish versions
close to me is another song i recommend
hehehe enjoy if ya can understand even better
i know i cant barely but its just thats its jamacan

2003-09-14, 07:48
Here's my CD list:

The R&B that I like is Erykah Badu, Floetry, jazzyfatnastees, Jill Scott, Angie Stone. The only guy who I can stand in R&B is Maxwell. The rest of the males sing like whiney bitches.

2003-09-14, 13:11
argh i forgot to get those nin cd's and the type of negative a while ago(only got 1 of each)
i was but i was wasting time on edonkey
(with no luck BTFW!!thebastards)

ty for reminding me lol