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View Full Version : New Orleans

2003-09-18, 14:59
I'm going to New Orleans (http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?zoom=1&mapdata=country=US=&city=new+orleans) today for about a week. My wife is there currently with her work for some conference or presentation, so I will bring my daughter today and join her there. The hotel is paid for up until Sunday because of her work. My wife tells me that they have a lot of bars there and the weather is nice, without being too humid.

2003-09-19, 10:33
sounds cool
hope ya have fun
the music scene is pretty big there too so ya might find a nice place have a few drinks (i said a few) and chill to some tunes
:beer: :cool: :D

2003-09-20, 06:33
A "few" drinks is anywhere from 2 to 11, I reckon.

I walked around and saw that it has a lot of night activity. There are plenty of girls who look available too. They are more friendly than the ones in New York. I didn't really get to check out any of the places though because I have the baby here. It's not easy to fully appreciate the place if you have a baby with you.

My wife is a teetotaler, but I told her to go out and get drunk with her colleagues while I stay in the hotel with the sleeping baby. Maybe tomorrow I'll go out while she stays home with the baby.

I have two options for internet in the hotel. One is by way of TV. That costs $10 a day and you see the web on the TV screen. The problem is that the images are huge and fuzzy. It would be like viewing the screen on a 300 by 400 setting. The second option is complimentary internet which is provided by way of an ethernet cable. That requires a laptop, which I don't own myself, but I am currently using one of the laptops of my wife's colleagues.