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View Full Version : buttons on top

2003-09-21, 20:39
How many of you are seeing the buttons on top displayed like this? I am in a Kinko's in New Orleans and I noticed a problem with the appearance of the buttons. Yet when I check directly on this site's ftp they are all correct. They are wrong by way of http display. See the attachment to see the buttons how I am seeing them.

The browsers are IE 5.5 or Netscape 4.77, and they both do this with the buttons.

2003-09-22, 17:22
the buttons are on the top right hand side of the screen for me...

I'm running IE 6 w/ SP1 and everything appears to be as it always was..

2003-09-23, 17:22
ie6 and tried it with opera and mozilla
they seem to work fine here

though the red fades into the black but that pic its half n half

2003-09-24, 07:54
These fucking scumbags in the Kinko's block the Ogrish.com forum (http://forum.ogrish.com/) or anything from that site. They say it is blocked because it is listed as "sex, extreme". See if this link works for you to check their domain and any other domains:

On the Ogrish.com forum check there to see if the buttons on top are the same. They should be exactly the same there as this site, but the ones I see here are defective for top_profile, top_register, top_calendar, and top_faq. They are the old dark red ones from a month ago instead of the bright red buttons. Or easier to do, is to see if the top left button says "user cp" or "profile". It should be bright red and say "user cp".

I wonder if this blockage site at securecomputing.com is the also the reason I am seeing a stale version of the website. Maybe all data goes through it using some kind of huge cache.

2003-09-25, 06:11
yup they are the same here no problems

2003-09-25, 10:56
Thanks for the help. Kinko's is lame (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=134); that's all.