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View Full Version : disconnecting from ftp sites

2003-09-29, 11:15
On two different websites I've been kicked off while uploading a large file to the ftp. One is a Microsoft server website, and the other is running Unix. It tends to happen if I've been connected for a while, and it happens right when the time is an even interval of GMT, such as 02:00 or 18:00. I wonder if this is some security feature in which one is not supposed to stay connected for too long to the ftp server. I use the program SmartFTP (http://www.smartftp.com), but I've seen it using the ftp that is built in to Internet Explorer too. When I upload the file, I tend to copy from the hard drive and then paste onto the ftp site. I was able to avoid the disconnection by selecting from the menu "upload file". I wonder why that would make a difference from copying and pasting the file.