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View Full Version : ACLU fights on behalf of p2p

2003-09-29, 19:07
The American Civil Liberties Union was founded in 1920. It has filed a motion to stop the name of a Boston College student from being revealed to the RIAA. They are saying that the constitutional right of anonymity would be denied in granting the request to reveal the student's identity. They are also saying that the DMCA 1998 is unconstitutional, because there is no judicial supervision of RIAA requests. The RIAA does not need the approval of a judge to get a subpoena. All that is needed is approval from a court clerk.

While more organizations and people are coming out in the defense of p2p, I wonder why our representatives in Congress haven't done anything substantive to solve this problem. We the people pay their salaries and they are supposed to be our representatives and advocates. They were the ones who created the law in the first place. The DMCA 1998 could easily be amended or abolished by them. The time is past due that they fix the mess that they created five years ago, which has led to the victimization of individuals and of their privacy.

2003-10-03, 03:59
I donated 35$ to the ACLU....not to mention they are helping me defend myself against my school

2003-10-03, 09:52
You should win your case then, because they are stronger and bigger than any local corruption can be.

When my brother was in high school twenty years ago, his school used to have a "moment of silence" with religious overtones every morning. He wrote the ACLU a letter and afterwards the school stopped having it.