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2003-05-05, 10:31
When I started up 3-3-3.org in late March, another domain name I considered at the time was napsterite.org, which I registered. Later on the web hoster from ciwebhosting.com gave me trouble, causing me to switch the forum to another web hoster. But I still have the 11 months credit with them. So I have an extra working website now, paid for the next 11 months, and I figure why not create ftp subaccounts, that people can use for storage space, file transfers, or websites.

The site has 200 MB of storage space. If you want I can create an ftp account for you, and a subfolder.

The link by way of html is http://www.napsterite.org/dotorg/

2003-05-05, 19:04
One thing I want to add, is that the folder name doesn't have to be the same as the username, and can be any length of characters. Also, I think the username has to be all lowercase characters.

2003-05-06, 11:36
Let me know if you want to set certain permissions for whatever folders you create on your ftp subfolder. There are three settings: execute, read, and write. By setting some folders to execute only, their contents will be hidden. For example, http://www.napsterite.org/eclectica is execute only, but still allowing for the contents of its subfolder http://www.napsterite.org/eclectica/mp3 to be seen.

By default, unless you tell me otherwise, I'll set your newly created subfolder to both read and execute, allowing all of its contents to be viewed.

2003-05-13, 14:19
well aren't u just thoughtful and lovely! :cool:

2003-05-14, 00:55
Originally posted by Dollar_Girl
well aren't u just thoughtful and lovely!

lets make a musicial production.

I'm starting it all with lovely.............

Hows about a lovley bunch of coconuts..........

2004-02-20, 11:02
I'm letting the domain name napsterite.org expire on March 28th. If anyone is interested in owning it, let me know, and I will transfer ownership.