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View Full Version : Copy Protection Thwarted Yet Again

2003-10-07, 13:32
"All you have to do to copy BMG's uncopy-able Anthony Hamilton CD is press the shift key when you're inserting it."


2003-10-08, 13:21
I bought a CD that was an "enhanced CD" (jazzyfatnastees-theonceandfuture) and when I put it in the computer I chose not to have it install the software, fearing some kind of DRM lockdown. Suppose I did have the Anthony Hamilton CD and I installed the DRM program; I wonder how it would interfere with me opening up another program like CDex and ripping the tracks to the hard drive. Or maybe the DRM program runs in the background, and it can be closed by hitting control-alt-delete. Also, if autorun (called "AutoPlay" on XP) is enabled can't you still close the program before it installs on your computer?

2003-10-10, 09:29
SunnComm, the maker of the CD copy-protection scheme, has threatened to sue Alex Halderman, the Princeton university student who broke the news on this. Here is the article (http://theregister.co.uk/content/6/33322.html). Once again we are seeing lawsuits used as a tool to silence and intimidate individuals. This happens all too often. A scourge of lawyers is coming from all sources to descend upon the tired and poor masses. I can just picture them, like the clones of agent Smith in The Matrix.


2003-10-10, 10:53
Of course SunnComm should be sued by their customers for selling them that "foolproof" protection. It's like selling fishnet condoms.