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View Full Version : new Erykah Badu album

2003-10-16, 01:14
World Wide Underground

This is Erykah Badu's third studio album, released 2003-09-16. Advertised as an EP album, it is actually about 50 minutes in length. It has a lot of material on it that sounds like it was left in, to make the album longer in length. This ought to please fans, who would rather have stuff be left in than cut and thrown away onto the studio floor. One man's garbage is another man's treasure when it comes to fans. I know, because I used to go to great lengths to seek out the old unreleased Pink Floyd tracks when I was a fan of theirs.

The album has a relaxed, free feel to it, and songs drift into and explore other themes. I was impressed that one song even had a hint of Pink Floyd's song "The Great Gig in the Sky", in the album song "Danger". Erykah Badu's style has not been too eclectic in the past.

I believe this album is the worst of the three she's made so far. But it is still a good album. Rather than compare it to her previous albums and have it fall short of expectations, it stands on its own merit. You can't compare apples to oranges.

Here are two samples:
back in the day.mp3 (http://www.napsterite.org/eclectica/mp3/erykah badu - world wide underground - back in the day.mp3) 6.6 MB
love of my life worldwide.mp3 (http://www.napsterite.org/eclectica/mp3/erykah badu - world wide underground - love of my life worldwide (with queen latifah, angie stone, bahamadia).mp3) 7.5 MB

2004-07-04, 14:07
i'm trying to avoid certain types of music right now... because certain voices trigger way too much emotion in me, and i am sad enough as it is. I think this is what ppl call "building a wall" Or "errecting a barrier" where i pretend like things don't effect me, coz i am so exhaused from being effected.


2004-07-04, 23:11
i dont think so humpty, because i have learned that you are only a friend when the friendship is to your advantage. That is why u probably wont ever have any GENUINE friendships in your life, but mere imitations and shadows of people who may have been a friend, but never really felt the drive to be.