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View Full Version : a site for all you Napsterites to check out

2003-10-16, 10:58

2003-10-29, 03:12
9.95 per album or 99 cents per song...

Now I don't remember Napster being like that ;)

I think Roxio is being lame by trying to capitalize on the biggest internet phenomenon and fade...

Napster, unfortunately, is dead, and when revived, will still remain to be a disappointment to its former self. Roxio should of just left it alone...let Napster die with dignity...

And another note.... where the hell did Shawn Fanning go?

2003-10-29, 03:39
I wonder if anyone will actually be attracted to the new Napster because of the name. It's far from the same: the new one is a centralized download of DRM material while the original was peer-to-peer. I read somewhere that Shawn Fanning is now working for MTV, which is an MPAA company. What a sell out.

The name "Napster" ought to be purged from everything related to peer-to-peer. Well, unless you're a nap-ho, then that's different. You never get too many whores. ;)

2003-10-29, 23:12
More people trying to capitalize on the Napster trend..