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View Full Version : ode to pasqualesavareso

2003-10-16, 20:15
dear pasquale,

though your gut has thickened through the ages, and your genitalia no longer swell in an expedited fashion as in days yore, how i do miss thee and thy sweaty bosom. ye and thy hairless anus was exceedingly sumptuous, and thy unwashed scrotum, with an abundance of smegma on thy diminished phallus, did indeed pleasure me when i had hunger and i was in need. we can look back at my life and see that there were footprints in the sand. at one point we will see only one set of prints, and a single set of cumshots upon the computer monitor. dear pasquale, why did thee forsake me in my great time of urgency?

2003-10-17, 03:17
Its unfortunate that you feel forsaken my son,for like the weary soul in the delightful Footprints proverb I did not abandon you but carried you -impaled on my heavenly engorged phallus,in your great periods of darkness .Those gnawing feelings of resentment and want in your bowels were actually the scrapings of my harp - shaped head.Don't forget to send a silver anniversary card to john paul,he needs a pick-me -up too.

2003-10-17, 21:28
pasquale, a sweaty hog such as yourself ought not to have such a condescending attitude towards the rest of us. just because you've been there and you've done that doesn't mean that i can't be half, or maybe at least a third, the man you used to be. please understand that with your xxy chromosomes, i am at a disadvantage to compete with you sexually. you are more than i could ever be. let's not forget too about the pure mass which resides in your gut. you definitely earned the title "heffer extraordinaire" for that impressive heap of shit which is your physical self.

why are you in denial, pasquale, about your jewishness? it is clear to everyone that you are petty and cowardly. as is the nature of the heavy, masculine bull, you like to boss others around, and impress others with your hefty weight. you probably liken yourself to miramax's harvey weinstein. is he your daddy, perhaps? or maybe you are more the woody allen type: the quiet, gentle type of guy who is as lovable as a teddy bear. it's no wonder, considering how you come from a lineage of heffers, that sex requires nothing less than a sheet to hide the grotesqueness of the very act.

i have to say i don't know whether to be turned on or turned off by the thought of you giving me a lap dance. ever since i saw that movie "deliverance", i've been thinking of how cool it would be to have my own personal swine-whore to make SQUEAL LIKE A PIG. i wonder if i penetrate you really deeply, if the rythmic contractions of the villi in your small intestine would cause a superb tickling of the head of my penis. i may just cum so deep into your anus that it would fill your entire body up, due to the increase in pressure. it's a simple principle of hydraulics that pascal could explain. the fluid must go somewhere when it plunges into your body. and so, it will come out of your eyes, and you will shed tears of my semen, for the very sins of mankind. you see, it was treacherous jews such as yourself who sold the apollonian and impotent jesus out for thirty pieces of silver. as ye shed the tears of cum i shall anoint thy cheek with a mushroom tattoo. in good christian fashion ye shall then turn thy cheek, after which i shall anoint thy other cheek with yet another mushroom tattoo.

2003-10-18, 05:04
Jesus christ ,what a filthy mouth on you -perhaps your filthy whore of a mother should have taught you some manners,and washed out your mouth with the camel dung you were born into,no crib for your bed ?that's the legend but the real truth is the line of roman soldiers she was servicing grew too large for the inn to accomodate ,so they moved her out to the stable .Joseph collected the nickles as the weapons were unsheathed and plunged repeatedly in to her rectum,throat and vagina.The army succeded not on it's belly but on hers.As for your attacks on my physical appearance: I'll have you know,at the risk of sounding vain,I am down to a slender 314 lbs.,so put that in your crown of thorns!