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2003-10-19, 09:22
Hello, my name is Tom and I'm an alcoholic.

Okay, let me start over again.

Html code is not allowed on this board. What you instead have is bbcode, which gives you the ability to get some of the same effects that regular html gives you, but without the security risks.

I left the default bbcode for this board, but recently I noticed a new html command known as "strike", which puts a line through text. It works with either <s> or <strike> tags. I added it to the commands which already came with this board, and which are standard on many boards. The bbcode for "strike" is [ s ], without the spaces.

I also added to this board the "center" tag, which works as <center> in html. The bbcode for this is [ center ], without the spaces.

2004-07-26, 22:01
This can all be explained nicely here now:

I didn't even know until know about the [.post.] and [.thread.] tags

Everything within the code tags is 240 pixels wide, or otherwise it will screw up the portal index page if someone uses it in a post on the p2p forum.