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2003-10-26, 14:41
We've been with this web hosting company since June, and this is the first daylight savings time change that's occurred. I was hoping that the server wouldn't adjust its time for daylight savings time, but unfortunately it did. The problem with that is that GMT is not affected by daylight savings time, so the forum was displaying improper GMT once the server changed its time, until I fixed the server offset in the admin control panel just now. The other problem is that daylight savings time is not followed consistently worldwide. Here is a site which shows the variations:

Members can change their time display in their user control panel (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/usercp.php).

2003-11-03, 02:27
Originally posted by eclectica

Members can change their time display in their user control panel (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/usercp.php).


I can't make the year come last, as is proper.

Hopefully everyone knows what fuc'n year it is. Why do u insist on displaying the year first? .....

Just 'cause u can~~~~~ Hahahahaha


Would it be ok if I did your old lady,

just 'cause I could?

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2003-11-03, 03:59
Forums running on phpBB have the option where a user can control the time display format, but on this vBulletin forum, you are stuck with the board default.

I chose the year-month-day arrangement because that is to me the most ideal way to arrange dates. Just imagine Nic, if the phone book was arranged the you want it. It would be based on first names rather than last names.

The reason you find it uncomfortable is because you are not used to it. But the discomfort you are experiencing, is for your own good. You are learning something new and better. There's no reason why it should be any harder to deal with a date format the way I've put it. Only old habits make it seem difficult.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

2003-11-04, 00:07
wadda cop-out chicken shit reponse :beer:

2003-11-09, 21:55
we say it like this
date\day month then year

if ya dont know what year it is well.......hmm ill say no more :eek:
shit and history dosent get confused with the present so we dont have to worry about someone talking about 1650 and get it confused cause of the date
well the month u should know that the date however can catch ya up and take ya over so it easy once u have heard it a few times in a day
who other than a man frozen in 1960 dosent know its 2003!?!?!?

dont know really........... :p

2003-11-12, 01:04
Originally posted by Criminal_Sniper
we say it like this
date\day month then year
That's how Europeans do it too. Probably most of the World does it that way. That's when it's abbreviated to mere numbers. But am I correct that even for those people who would write 7/12/45, that they would still say December 7th, 1945? In that case the American version makes sense because the numerical abbreviation keeps everything in the same order. In the US military, we wrote dates as 07 DEC 45.

2001-09-11 is a well known date for Americans, like July 4th. I find it funny to look on calendars and see what they actually call July 4th. Usually it says "Independence Day". Yet most Americans just call it July 4th. I guess the calendar makers would feel a little retarded to put "July 4" on that spot on the calendar. On one calendar I had last year, it said "pray for the nation day" for September 11th. Most calendars don't say anything, because it's not a recognized holiday, being so new.

Americans used to refer to 2001-09-11 as September 11th. Now I've seen it increasingly called 9/11 by people as well. I've noticed that trend in a paper like The New York Times, which tends to use slang or improper language very little. They used to refer to the date as "the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001". Now I've been seeing the more comfortable "9/11", which is what I call it myself.

I'm wondering what name the foreigners who have a day/month/year way of expressing things, have given to 2001-09-11. Does anyone call it 11/9? I know AIDS is also known as SIDA in a lot of other languages. Sometimes words are so popular that they transcend international barriers despite them being technically incorrect. The French government officially tried to revolt against the usage of "email" by renaming it to "courrier electronique", or "courriel". See this article (http://www.guardian.co.uk/online/news/0,12597,1002708,00.html).

I am curious to see what people in Chile call 9/11. The reason why is because on 1973-09-11, Pinochet staged a coup there and overthrew president Allende. See this article (http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=16712).

2003-11-12, 03:57
remember only 350 million people speak english in this world as a native language so the americans wanted to be diferent than the few
most people here say date in the middle
we got our system pretty worked out i think

when i say my birthday its 5th of may
some may say may 5th
but i knew it were may
i only need to be reminded what day it is

2004-02-02, 17:09
i say ninth of september
its got to be the date of something
most people dont know the day here anyway so it dont matter

2004-04-04, 08:17
In the User Control Panel (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/usercp.php) under Edit Options-->Date & Time Options-->DST Correction Option, if it is set to "Automatically detect DST settings", then it works okay here, but I'm wondering if that setting created problems for people in other countries who had their Daylight Savings Time on a different date than today. At GMT 07:00 the time in New York changed from GMT -5 to GMT -4, and it went from 01:59 to 03:00 on the forum here for me.

I get a time offset of GMT -4 displayed on the forum, whether I choose to set it manually as GMT -4 with no detection of DST, or as GMT -5 with automatic detection of DST enabled.

2004-10-31, 05:59
This ought to be interesting. The server is located in New Jersey, which is GMT -4.

(posted at 05:59 GMT)

2004-10-31, 06:11

For unregistered guests it improperly displayed the GMT as 04:59 when it was actually 05:59. Then a minute later it got fixed and displayed it as 06:00. So it jumped a whole hour forward when in fact GMT should not jump or change at all. But the GMT is now correct.

In my user preferences I have it set to automatically detect DST settings, and it is not working properly. It tells me "All times are GMT -4. The time now is 02:07.". It should tell me that "All times are GMT -5. The time now is 01:07.". I think it will be fixed when the board hits GMT 07:00.

(posted at 06:11 GMT)

2004-10-31, 06:41
I see what I had to do in my personal settings. Instead of having it set to "DST corrections always on" I changed it to "Automatically detect DST settings", and that fixed it.

I was wondering how the forum knows whether I am an American observing DST or an Australian not doing so. It turns out that vBulletin uses some kind of javascript to detect your computer's time, which works when you have the "Automatically detect DST settings" setting enabled. It will then not matter whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere and will base the corrections on the time of your computer.

Because this forum is able to read your computer's clock time, do you worry that it's also looking through your files as well?

2004-11-02, 11:54
Because this forum is able to read your computer's clock time, do you worry that it's also looking through your files as well?

No. But that is wierd that it knows what my computer clock says. hmmm.