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View Full Version : Steve Hackett - Deja Vu

2003-11-03, 10:43
Steve Hackett - Deja Vu.mp3 (http://napsterite.org/eclectica/mp3/Steve Hackett - watcher of the skies - Deja Vu.mp3) 8.1 MB

I'm on my way, I'm stronger than before
The times I've been down
I've swept the ocean floor
Like a flower slow to open
I do believe I've been this way before

It's every man's fantasy to win victory
The world at his feet with songs of glory
The man seems smaller the child stands taller
Now I know that what you sow you reap
And every day at last must die in sleep

You want to know the story of my life
The only sin is not loving enough

I do believe I've been this way before

You want to know the future, the last act in a play
A book that falls apart with a missing last page

All the past's a frozen wasteland
You can't take back the fruits you once enjoyed

But now I know I've been this way before

2003-11-04, 02:58
Deja Vu has never really been a friend to me.

Everytime I experience it, I get really dizzy, and feel faint. I feel as though I had been spinning around for days on end. Then the voices begin to slurr and then I feel like "yeah yeah, I know! shut up already".

My philosophy on that has always been this:

Deja Vu is the window opening from your past life. When you die, you replay your life, granted the option to change things on the way, but still to suffer the same inevitable ending; death. Even though you have no prior knowledge to the events, when you experience Deja Vu it's like your suddenly a fortune teller and you know exactly what is going to be said and what's going on. And that is caused by an "open window" from your "past life". A glitch in the matrix if you will. You are given an oppertunity to see something that you had already lived through.

Now I don't know if there is any importance to what is being shown, and if at that particular time if I don't re-act a certain way, an different outcome will happen that is not of the past life.
Let's see Science try to explain that one!:eatout: