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View Full Version : 10 days of debauchery

2003-11-07, 03:16
My wife went on vacation and she took my daughter with her to France. I have no vacation left but she has tons of it, so she has to take some of it or she'll lose it.

Right now she's somewhere over the north Atlantic ocean. It seems hard to imagine that my loved ones are flying over the ocean, and are relying on machinery to keep them alive.

By the way, if given the choice, I would rather see 1 million Chinese people die than my family. ;)


As soon as my wife left, I made sure to fill up the refrigerator with beer. :beer:

All this freedom is bound to get someone in trouble. I have to be careful. :angel:

You know, I haven't gotten laid since 9-11. I ought to make it a point to get some now. But I have to admit, all the caffeine and alcohol has given me a limp, impotent prick. Maybe I could be the next Bob Dole?

OH, WOE IS ME. :sperm:

Let's hope I don't cause irreversible damage with the sudden freedom that has been given to me.

NANCY... :eatout:

2003-11-11, 02:27
have the strippers arrived yet?
i mean they will blend in nicely with the lesbian orgy
and dancing bears anyone seen a dancing bear?

beers a bit ...umm... well its not vodka..........

lol enjoy urself

9/11? i thought the world had stopped still for just a MOMENT!......

i dont think the chinese would worry if they lost 1 mill either hahaha

2003-11-11, 05:38
I was hoping to commit one act of debauchery per day, but unfortunately I'm way behind schedule. And those twenty beers I had a few days ago are now down to two.

No girls, and the beer is all gone. :sad:

2003-11-11, 12:28
its mind numbing
...and terrifying

2003-11-12, 02:23
u're full of shit.

such a dillweed......................