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View Full Version : Trusted Computing

2003-11-08, 05:45
Trusted Computing is a name for a project which will make computers in the future more secure from worms and viruses. The project is a joint effort by Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and AMD.

People, when terrorized, tend to give up their liberties to feel secure. Trusted Computing will appeal to those people who would like to feel more secure on their computers.

I disagree that Trusted Computing is more secure. It looks like it will be more controllable by outside companies and agencies. Do you believe that if Microsoft had more control over your computer, and you had less control, that it would be more "secure"?

Trusted Computing will put an end to various types of piracy. Currently once something is released publically or on the internet, it is too late to stop it. But with the new systems in place, only signed programs or material will work, and pirated material could specifically be blacklisted through traitor tracing. Remote instructions could then be given to have the pirated file deleted off of the computers.

Because only signed programs would work, then worms and viruses wouldn't work, but so wouldn't a lot of open source programs either. Getting their material approved or signed would be too much of a burden on the innovative software developers, and it would tend to favor the well-financed developers with a profit motive.

Here is an excellent, lengthy article on Trusted Computing:

2003-11-08, 06:37
sounds like the end for programming and a "change" to a bigger monopoly
we need that right?
get fucked bill!!!! :eatout:

2003-11-08, 06:41
and it will not even manage to control us so it wont stop piracy
hooah :beer: