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View Full Version : Why the RIAA is winning

Cary Sherman
2003-11-08, 06:53
All of you pirates and thieves who have the airs of victory ought to appreciate the incontrovertible facts as I present them to you here. The RIAA is winning against p2p. Here are the reasons why.

None of you ever paid for a damn thing in your life
The strength of your 60 million is as potent and pathetic as watching Palestinians throwing rocks at Israeli fighter jets. Though you believe there is strength in numbers, you are all cheap bastards who do not want to shell out money on behalf of your community. Just look at the p2p defense fund recipient list (http://www.downhillbattle.org/defense/recipientList.shtml) if you don't believe me. Only two people on that list have chosen to fight us, and they have been collectively given $500 out of a total need of $30,000. Where are all the 60 million people? They seem to be lacking when the highest duty of their community calls them. Your impotence and lack of solidarity is astounding, and it has sent a loud and clear message to us that you approve of the lawsuits. We have at our command an annual operating budget of around $50 million.

There are too many generals and not enough soldiers
Too many of you are into self-promotion. I get a good laugh every time an owner of a bulletin board is asking for money for a vBulletin fund, or to buy an extra domain name. Plenty of board spamming has been made on behalf of self-promotion efforts. Your leaders are all out for themselves. They don't know how to reach out to other leaders and to subjugate themselves to an even bigger cause. They will only undertake a cause if it furthers their self-promotion. Your egos are so big that you need to haul them on heavy-duty trucks wherever you go. You have no ability to work together.

You are all cowards and you lack the spirit of civil disobedience
The coward dies a thousand deaths, and in your community there is always fear of something or other. This fear has driven you underground, to champion private networks such as WASTE, Freenet, or to simply become leeches. You want stealth and anonymity because you are terrified that we will sue you. In the interests of preserving your safety, you have willfully chosen poor networks with small potential and performance. Because p2p is going underground, you are now at the same level as child pornographers. You think you are being stealthy when in fact you are doing a disservice to your community, because you will not publicly take a stand on its behalf. It shows that you really are ashamed of who you are and what you represent.

It was pretty funny seeing how Zeropaid and Slyck got into a panic, after they received a threat from Sharman Networks about references to Kazaa Lite on their websites. These are people who are your supposed leaders, and yet they backed down under the slightest bit of pressure. If you are scared of Sharman Networks then you will be no match for the RIAA.

You are slaves to fashion and habit
Despite your complaints about DRM, I would like to see how many of you actually have the will to boycott something fashionable that uses DRM. Your coddled software aficionados, who never paid for anything, will also have trouble saying no when Microsoft releases its latest version that forces you down the path of DRM. How many of you will be able to resist the lure of Microsoft's next operating system Longhorn?

Thank you for being such willing slaves. It makes the job a whole lot easier for us. We have won the battle before it has even started. You are your own worse enemies.

2003-11-09, 22:37
Winning? not likely

sued 1% of us yet?

(and theres a few more than 60 mill! and wasnt that just the US?)

how about we get the riaa completly investigated
i reackon we could get em capone style on tax evasion
dont tell me the coke parties and hookers are free?
and all those hidden taxes on cd's or the ones that fail to get handed round and are kept by the riaa

remember they already got busted twice i think for having priced cd's too high

and universal has dropped their prices

Never paid for anything? bought breakfast smokes and a game today (Enter the matrix for those interested)

some copy protection stopped me from loading the install because it was buggy and had to pirate the disks to play it
(though making a backup copy of anything u buy is fair use)
though we would be procecuted under the riaa's rules

you guys do not rule the market and dont make any laws
(if so then its wrong and just like micronob and its monopoly

dont care about leaders though its difficult when u are being potrayed as bad or worse than child pornographers and murderers to be able to make a stand and not get cut down

and what has porn got to do with anything?????
child porn is wrong because its child porn its real fucking gross
and real fucking illegal

now if i remember nothing stops me from taping from radio or tv
now what if all copies of songs on a network are from the radio
could u possibly stop us?

if its non profit

the broadcast cost has been paid

no lost sale if we werent going to pay for it anyway

dont say weve never bough cd's when the whole reason because we stopped was your overpricing, lack or catalog and ripping off of good musicians

and dude what happens when everyone is underground?
or a totally protected network pops up that is as widespread as kazaa
u know less about whats happening and the performance is great on some of them so suck our asses on that one

u are not going to be able to put the idea into the general community that music downloaders are into child porn

it dosent even make sence

and why do we have to get longhorn?
wouldnt we get something free since we dont pay for anything?
and what makes u think it will work?
and not stop other things in the process

and noone thinks microsoft is good they are forced to use it just like we are forced to use you to buy music

linux wont implement it and u cant make them

now get back to the drawing books and fucking wake up

stop bringing out such shitty pop bands
why is sex being allowed to sell music?

get a new business model and ur own fair p2p with no stinking rules for burning and no protection on the files

if we are so easy to hook then u should be able to hooks us up on some great new p2p (whats the bet u couldnt even get all of ur music copied to it properly ) :p

since when were u winning?

2003-11-17, 22:37
It was pretty funny seeing how Zeropaid and Slyck got into a panic, after they received a threat from Sharman Networks about references to Kazaa Lite on their websites. These are people who are your supposed leaders, and yet they backed down under the slightest bit of pressure. If you are scared of Sharman Networks then you will be no match for the RIAA.

Hi "Cary"

In my opinion, I believe that Slyck handled the situation perfectly. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to seek guidance from a copyright lawyer to see what our rights are in this situation.

Instead of taking on the world and sorting out the mess later, a more methodical approach would be appropriate. You see, your post mistakenly suggests that Slyck is done with this issue.

I understand you would like to see this issue resolved instantly, I would also. Patience....


2003-11-19, 20:09
must be a very old picture!!!
they (RIAA) havent been happy for a long time

2003-11-20, 08:56
Cary Sherman has that same bullshit smile as the former California governor replaced by Arnold Shwarzenegger, Gray Davis. Though Davis seems to have a bit of Clinton in him.


The smile is not natural, because most people don't show their teeth unless they are smiling heavily.