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View Full Version : 11-16-2003

2003-11-16, 21:24
11 months ago... I hooked up with the most beautiful girl that I could ask for. She came into my life when I was at an all-time low. Picked me up and made me feel like I was worth while.

Gave me love and made me love.

Now.... it's over......................

2003-11-17, 02:27

'least u know how too report the date.

2003-11-17, 09:03
You must be down and depressed. That's the thing about love, is it's so nice to have, but when it's taken away, then going back to normal sucks in comparison.

The most I ever got hung up on a girl was when I was sixteen, and there was some girl that I liked, but she didn't like me. That made me depressed for several months. I was lonely when I was younger, and the first loving relationship I was in was when I met my wife at the age of 23. So I'm not as experienced in relationships as most, because I've only been in one.

When you're in a relationship do you feel like it will last forever? I don't think it's wrong to feel that way. There's no reason why you can't find the love of your life in high school. Rather, too many people procrastinate in love, and take several years to get married. I think they ought to "just do it". I married my wife twelve days after I met her. The very first time I met her, I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life.

A lot of changes happen for young adults that makes it harder to settle down. Going to college causes many high school relationships to end, because it is hard to maintain a long distance relationship. Some people are realistic about the obstacles, while others really believe that such a relationship can be maintained. I recall being in the Army, how many people would go through training sending letters to their girlfriends. And when you're going through something difficult like Army training, it does help to have someone or something to believe in. After a few months these guys would find that the girl had broken off the relationship. Again, it is hard to maintain a long distance relationship. A lot of women know this, and the way they do keep the guy bound to them is by having a child. Men know this too, and the way they keep a woman bound to them is by marrying them.

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2003-11-17, 16:43
I'm not in my study hall...it's the first day back into school since her and I broke up. Man it is definately a tough day, especially since my first class of the day was with her...

Already she's branched off into a new crowd, and hanging out with my other ex-girlfriend which is making things worse, I can tell..... ugh.....

I mine as well accept it....it is over....done....fin...

2003-11-17, 20:39
hang tough (http://www.w42stnyc.com/stock02/streetpeeps/clinton.htm), dude. :sperm: