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2003-11-24, 03:07
for the wages of sin is death, and ye have sinned greatly.

a year ago many of you were gathered around the table of gluttony at your time of thanksgiving. but rather than be thankful for the many things you had, such as peace and prosperity, you chose to expand your horizons. fools do not find happiness in what they have, and do not appreciate the simple things in life. instead, in their capriciousness, they constantly need new toys and new forms of pleasure.

many of you fat american slobs, who haven't known what real hardship and suffering is like, boasted of how you could kick saddam's ass. i'll bet your fat heffer wives were really impressed by all the bravado. especially as you slammed your greasy fists down upon the table, with a special alpha-male emphasis, and said you're gonna kill all the fucking arabs.

it didn't even occur to you to appreciate the irony of the missile attacks on the israeli plane in kenya last thanksgiving. that is something you ought to have been thankful for; the fact that they didn't attack americans. you see, it turns out that the reason those missiles didn't hit the plane is because they have anti-missile technology installed on their planes. ordinary american aircraft has no such a thing. so the only thing that prevents you from being attacked is the good will of various parties who hold possession of antiaircraft missiles.

after 9/11 there was plenty of good will towards americans, but that was quickly capitalized on by your commander-in-thief george w. bush. americans are now more hated than ever, and not without good reason. it is because you went too far, like fools who are not able to appreciate the happiness that is before them.

we all know that in wars it is always the soft targets and innocent victims who get hurt the most. the policy makers are safe in their bunkers, while they put others in harm's way. yet to deny the common american's culpability is just plain wrong. you are a democratic country, and you are responsible for what your leaders do. the actions of terrorism and aggression, which have been carried out by agents of your government, put a collective guilt on each one of you. you continue to finance and support oppressive governments throughout the world for strategic reasons. you continue to do what is convenient for you rather than doing what is right.

how come amongst your nation of 300 million people, no one has had the courage to take out the axis of evil: bush, cheney, rumsfeld, and ashcroft?

you americans love violence much more than you like petitions and rational discourse. the only way to send a message to you all is through brute force. the very hand of god shall smite ye and awaken thee out of your ignorant slumber.

it is no big loss for the earth if hundreds or thousands of americans die. what makes you think that your lives are so special and valuable? people are dying all over the world all the time. you are directly responsible for many of the world's horrors; either by doing nothing or by contributing to the parties of evil. let there be no denial of the truth: you collectively have blood on your hands. it's only fair that you experience pain and suffering as well.

let me introduce you to my friend justice. real justice is not impotent. justice bears both the olive branch and the sword. i'm afraid you all have neglected the sword. the mighty hand of justice shall smite thee for thy arrogance, thy cruelty, thy ignorance, and thy hubris.

2003-11-25, 01:16
Don't say I never gave U anything............


Hehe dillweed

2003-11-25, 04:51
I can give you a blessing from the jerky boys, if that helps.

2003-11-27, 03:03
Originally posted by eclectica
I can give you a blessing from the jerky boys, if that helps.


It just wouldn't be the same.

Even U aren't THAT JJJerkie.

Happy turkey day. Try not to choke on the bird dudette.

2003-11-27, 05:54
Originally posted by nicobie


2003-11-29, 01:52
I know...............:eek:

It's a long slippery road I'm on.

Next thing U know, I'll be doing the 'smilie' thing too. It kinda all sneaks up, don it.

2003-12-22, 10:35

Tom Ridge is just the right guy to spread the holiday cheer. There was an announcement made at the Department of Homeland Security by Tom Ridge yesterday. The text of it can be read here (http://www.dhs.gov/dhspublic/). The terror threat has been raised to orange/high.

Here is the part of his statement that I want to discuss. My comments are in red:
"There is no doubt that we have a lot to be thankful for - not the least of which the opportunity to live in the greatest country in the world."
The country is not great, it is powerful.

"It is a country that will not be bent by terror. It is a country that will not be broken by fear."
America has not shown itself to be courageous when it comes to doing the right thing. The commander-in-chief president Bush is a big coward.

"But instead, we are a country blessed with a population marked by goodwill and great resolve. We will show the terrorists both this holiday season - goodwill toward our fellow men, readiness and resolve to protect our families and our freedom."
Where's the good will in deporting and harassing thousands of immigrants, operating unilaterally, and supporting other oppressive governments based on what's convenient rather than what's right?

2003-12-23, 14:05

Mr. Rumsfeld, who ran a pharmaceutical company at the time, was tapped by Secretary of State George P. Shultz to reinforce a message that a recent move to condemn Iraq's use of chemical weapons was strictly in principle and that America's priority was to prevent an Iranian victory in the Iran-Iraq war and to improve bilateral ties.

Pressure mounted on the Reagan administration, which had already verified Iraq's "almost daily" use of the weapons against Iran and against Kurdish rebels, documents show. In February, Iraq warned Iranian "invaders" that "for every harmful insect there is an insecticide capable of annihilating it." Within weeks, the American authorities intercepted precursor chemicals that were bound for Iraq. Finally, on March 5, the United States issued a public condemnation of Iraq.

But days later, Mr. Shultz and his deputy met with an Iraqi diplomat, Ismet Kittani, to soften the blow. The American relationship with Iraq was too important involving business interests, Middle East diplomacy and a shared determination to thwart Iran to sacrifice. Mr. Kittani left the meeting "unpersuaded," documents show.

Mr. Shultz then turned to Mr. Rumsfeld. In a March 24 briefing document, Mr. Rumsfeld was asked to present America's bottom line. At first, the memo recapitulated Mr. Shultz's message to Mr. Kittani, saying it "clarified that our CW [chemical weapons] condemnation was made strictly out of our strong opposition to the use of lethal and incapacitating CW, wherever it occurs." The American officials had "emphasized that our interests in 1) preventing an Iranian victory and 2) continuing to improve bilateral relations with Iraq, at a pace of Iraq's choosing, remain undiminished," it said.
Someone has to hold the United States accountable for its crimes. To not do so would be an injustice. Right now the biggest force in bringing some kind of accountability, is the Al Qaeda organization. Everyone else is protesting and signing petitions, but those are acts of impotence which don't add up to anything.

Jihad is not for the faint-hearted.