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View Full Version : RIAA and pedophilia

2003-11-24, 11:25

The recording industry, like many industries, has made a particular business of exploiting youth. Selling them everything from fashion to role models, they exploit them and the money of their parents. The bottom line is profit, and getting them hooked on the latest trashy "artist" in pop culture is business as usual for them.

Taking their pedophilia and exploitation one step further, the RIAA has been filing lawsuits against peer-to-peer users. The targets of their lawsuits are mostly young kids who do not have the resources to fight back. They are able to target this audience by searching for a type of music that young kids would probably listen to. Refer here (http://www.slyck.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1728) to the list of musicians who have been in the shared folders of people targetted by the lawsuits. Note that Michael Jackson comes in second place in terms of frequency of the musicians on that list.

Rather than suing people for consuming their trash, they ought to be grateful and provide them compensation.

Who better represents the recording industry than Michael Jackson? His case is not an aberration. Rather, he is the very incarnation of everything their industry stands for. The recording industry exploits children.

Michael Jackson has had disappointing record sales. But rather than blame the poor quality of his music, he has blamed the record companies for being racist and not doing enough to promote him. This is not so different from the record companies blaming peer-to-peer for poor CD sales. They both blame their shortcomings on other people.

2003-11-25, 13:00
since when did we loose the controll of our whole lives?

fuckin burn the nappy fucker

i knew it and he settled outta court

he cant now and hes peakin
wacko jacko in jail after all that hard work (no pun intended urgh ):eek:

they cant legally do anything they do
their whole existance is not right but legally justified