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View Full Version : RIAA versus Sharman Networks

2003-11-26, 04:44
Who do you think is more dangerous to the p2p movement?

2003-11-26, 12:18
Sharman will back down....damn pussies:rolleyes:

2003-11-27, 15:40
i voted fuck sharman
they want to be getting paid
isnt it meant to be free
isnt this the whole fucking point of this all?
god damn they think just want to steal something...that wait..they dont own and if they do its because they stole it from thier artists

we cant get the riaa off our head any time soon
but kazaa right if it was all good and there was no more music industry as it stands today then we would all dumb kazaa like a hot sack off shit like i and many others already have
see the numbers the most ive seen was 6 mill on kazaa
now 3..its just holding into edonkey overnet BT winmx and such

2003-12-10, 01:17
I would find a lawsuit given to me by Sharman Networks to be less threatening than one by the RIAA. They are based outside of the United States and their organization is uncertain, so it would be harder for them to have any authority in a lawsuit.

I feel that Sharman Networks is more willing to play dirty though, and is more unprincipled in its approach. They seem more likely to hire a bunch of thugs to deal with their opponents. They are like mafia gangsters, trying to siphon off money from the mp3 trade.

Sharman Networks = mp3 mafia :cool: