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View Full Version : spam for my site

2003-11-27, 21:21
i'm spamming my new site here for the joy and appreciation of eclectica. though you probably already saw it cuz i spammed it on tehru as well.


feel free to drop in and say hi. naz has a hand in it as well along with some others you don't know.

i love the new front page, btw. now you need a userbase to get people from. zeropaid maybe?

i'll try to stop by more, promise. i'm trying to stay away from the naptitties but like the cigs i can't quit; i always find myself going back...

2003-11-27, 21:40
Originally posted by assorted

2003-11-27, 22:14
is there a rule against mentioning the naptitties? cuz i wrote in my profile that gaz is how i found this site (which; is kinda true)

2003-11-28, 01:39
Originally posted by assorted
is there a rule against mentioning the naptitties? cuz i wrote in my profile that gaz is how i found this site (which; is kinda true) i don'T know wHat tHe rules are HERE

i jUsT likeD thE word

2003-11-29, 02:06

You mean that fat fuc still has a forum that peeps post to?

I wouldn't know because the spam queen won't let me even read the posts.

Isn't it ironic how the prick who bitched the most about free speech on other BB's now 86's anybody who won't suck him off.

If the dillweed would let me start a thread...

It would be: How many males here wear a size b bra or bigger?



2003-11-29, 03:17
Originally posted by nicobie

how the prickS who bitched the most about free speech on other BB's now 86's anybody who won't suck him off.

TheY're WheRe theY shoulD be

toGether iN their MiSERy

TheY are sicK fUckS thOugh

DarkMiKe, sQuid & jEfF

2003-11-29, 05:20
oopsie; i didn't realize there was a falling out with some folks here and tehru.

again; nice job on the site. it looks great.

2003-11-29, 16:45
Zeropaid is fucked why would we want them here?
to be another zeropaid?
hey at least we wouldnt have the news to fight about

that wacko jacko site look a little....hmmm how do i put it...
i mean jacko is wacko
they say they are gravediggers
now i wouldnt sleep head to toe with my mates of years
let alone have little children sleep in my bed

thier parents knew this and did what?

i think they were waiting for it to happen after the last accusations

they have been investigating this for how many years now

ill say i was a jacko fan once

he can move thats for sure

but once i heard of the things hes done i never listened or watched another film clip again

he needs to burn in hell like the rest of them

and whats with the links
Danish Pedophiles Association??????????

it is sickening
nothing more nothing less

one of thier arguments-----
Child prostitution
There has been underage boy and girl prostitutes in Copenhagen until approximately 20 years ago. Today the phenomenon has totally vanished.

well there wasnt crack 20 years ago
do they say you werent doing it 20 years back dont now?

rascism was still wery open and accepted up untill the 70's

everyone with a brain knows there are no races
we are the human race!!!

RESPECT!!! (in the words of max)

2003-11-29, 21:10
Originally posted by Criminal_Sniper


regardless, i was just wondering about where you were planning on attracting users from. forums have to get members from somewhere if the userbase doesn't exist already.

as for the freemichael site... hehe.

2003-11-30, 00:23
when u get a large userbase the chance of idiots who like to wank over thier postcount get a lot greater
shows the lack of real lives some people have
i come online and talk about things which are important and dont need my post dissapearing cause 15,0000,0000,00000 others just posted a message
and half of thats spam
when half of mine is spam/rantin & ravin on/under the influence bullshit/etc
does it really affect things
ive heard enough stupid opinions so i dont like to post on zeropaid
and i get a lot of slack when i post on there too
i may have some controversial opinions
such as palestine and chechnya
and my views on america which many americans share but the patriotic i love new york type that wont let go that thier government is raping the world

havent the people been raped enough?
let alone on this itty bitty board

not sure when that turned rant sorry..............

2003-11-30, 07:37
Hi assorted, welcome aboard. It is very relaxed here and you can say whatever you want.

Your site is pretty cool, and it shows a good amount of devotion to a rock star. That's real fan love on display there. It is heartening to see what fans will do, and it is interesting to observe the fine line between healthy interest in a subject and unhealthy fanaticism. While you on the surface find Michael to be shocking, there is also something inside of you which has been stirred and aroused. You can't but help staring at that picture of him released from the jail, and not sympathisizing with him. It's like you're in his shoes. You can see a poor victimized man who is not understood by the World when you look into his eyes. You feel his pain and you see the sensitive side to him. I'll bet tears well up into your eyes when you see that mug shot, and you reach deep into your pants and start fingering your ass just to feel better.

You assorted, are just the person to understand Michael. You are the chosen one. It is not just a coincidence that you both have the same first name. The sooner you realize that you and Michael are soul mates and you share a common bond, the happier you will be in life. Do not deny your destiny.

Having sex with Michael Jackson isn't such a bad thing. I have no idea why people are so down on the idea. It's no different than fucking a raw chicken, which I'm sure we've all done. The best thing, is that Michael Jackson shaves his ass hairs. He is very neat and clean and he makes sure to douche his anus after I cum inside of him. Licking his ass is especially nice, because it looks like a white woman's vulva. Michael has a custom made noose set up for his penis, and he punishes it when it misbehaves, by giving it mock executions.

2003-11-30, 16:12
yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk
fucking damn E
:eatout: bitta action with the wacko jacko dont sound too nice
and since when did hair grow on plastic?