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View Full Version : reselling/webhosting/webdesign

2003-11-29, 15:48
ok i was looking into getting into web development to not let my skills go to waste and i came across a pretty good looking reselling program (i got off subject somehow)
its rather cheap and good service but i was wondering how i would go about promoting myself and all those kinda things

this is the site


under the mini reselling packages
MRsell #3 looks good

anyone know how i would go about this
or any tricks there are to it?

thanx for any help in advance (and taking time to read my blah blah blah)

2003-11-30, 08:31
You would become a middle man between customer and web hoster. Adding a middle person means adding extra expense. Someone is going to get screwed in the process. I suppose the only honest way to look at the business of web reselling, would be that you are taking a risk by buying in bulk from a web hosting company, and then trying to sell it in the future under unknown market conditions. It's like playing the stock market.

But I believe most web resellers are dishonest by nature. They get people to sign up for a whole year, and then they drop them before the year is up. Perhaps they too get fucked by the company they are doing business with. Web resellers are able to buy resources in bulk, and sell them at low prices initially. Eventually though it catches up. It's like buying phone cards. The companies buy so many hours of time and sell the cards cheap, so people think they're getting a good deal. Well only the first people to use the phone cards get the good deal. After that their reselled dial tone runs out, and people continue buying their cards from the store until they realize the company is crap, but by then they've fled the country or changed their names.

Why should people buy from a web reseller rather than directly from the web hoster? Maybe you can offer more flexibility in packages and payment methods. Also if you can develop websites, that allows you to provide friendly, custom help, in setting up their sites.

You would be taking a risk in this undertaking of reselling, and it might not pay off. It's hard to make money off of anything on the internet.

2003-11-30, 14:10
fuck this world
im sick of dishonest fucking lying scum
where is the it market headed?
under the big corporations
no control
when 1 of 100 sites may be honest and it ends up not having what u want
there must be a way to get ahead

theres no fucking training in my country without having to do about 2 years of word processing first
i want to fucking code

what jobs there are (whereever the fuck thats it) are ones u need high qualifications for

and the only way to get the is some course for a day thats costs over 300 bucks

now how do u manage that?
the 2 biggest training places in australia have nothing going
now i dont get this shit

looks like im going to have to keep going hungry and cold untill i get a development business running

i found that place on this site
the place i started to learn web programming a while ago
theres always more though :p

now if they list it maybe they are pretty secure
but i wonder if they are under the host or just another middleman
im going to find out some i hope
if i dont get answers im going to start reporting these fucking loosers and other like them to the proper authority
it about time we cleaned up this shit
after all it is the future right?

anyways im out thanx fdor ur thoughts on the subject

ima get to the bottom of these guys
hey they got a plone number for australia awesome

2003-11-30, 19:51
Your interest in the subject, like a hobby, will cause you to learn it. Trying to make a career out of it will be harder.

There are some companies which provide website development services. Here is one:

2003-11-30, 21:32
thanx but its only got stuff like video and flash editing
not something im really into

im getting quite good at doing this and ive nothing to do with it

- other than some of my crappy sites with no content cause its a free google one (cant even really put background radio station or anything like i want)
see they are redoing the standards
u know codin man?
not just html now its XHTML and CSS2
ive got those down pretty well
except XML which seemed to be useless for now (especially without a decent host)
ive got javascript running pretty well getting good at that and dhtml is a bit of a mix
i know i can do something with this

its either that or take my band further though an evil music industry i dont know about that (and my drummer has no drums any more!!!!!)

or become a translator
life is too boring doing nothing much u know

see E my work isnt too bad have a look at the attachment

2003-11-30, 21:35
argh i hate it when it does that missing damn pics n the side bar
ill put it up n post the link

2003-12-01, 18:52
ok theres the one i was going to post up looks nice although its only a template for my game pages so dont expect any content :p

i love my ak's

those guys emailed me back saying they would gimme my money back in 30 days if i wasnt happy

why when u ask if they are even real they say if ur not happy well give the money back

i would do it local if i could get oc3 connections and some servers
id start an isp i i could
u can rip people off within the law that way lmao

but i dont really wanna rip people off
just make enough to live and buy lot of things(censored - drugs, alcohol, fast cars & Women)

2003-12-01, 19:58
Let me see. Is that language aboriginal?

2003-12-01, 21:02
what would i know of aboriginal?
the aboriginal race now is almost gone and thopse that speak it live out in the middle
the ones that dont are half-caste and fight for land rights

lmao i wouldnt know a word most of them dont even

hows the page?
i make some more complex ones if i need to
when everyone wants to change to xhtml and css i will be here ready to do it for them
(that ones an old one just in html)

2003-12-01, 21:07
the one thing i need is server side experience
ill learn anything i can