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View Full Version : prelude to agony

2003-12-02, 11:35
type o negative - prelude to agony.mp3 (http://napsterite.org/eclectica/mp3/type o negative - slow, deep and hard - 04 - prelude to agony.mp3) 17,642,683 Bytes

The Truth

God Love Fire Woman Death

There is no pain like that of desire
Is there no difference between women and fire?
One burns the spirit; the other the flesh
Is sex worth the price of certain death?

Absolution - I am whole
Absolution - I am

Open her loins and into the hearth
Don't let her flames consume your heart
For the quest of holy copulation
The end result? Self-immolation

Absolution - I am whole
Absolution - I am

Love is life: Life is love: Love is pain: Pain is death


Agony and ecstasy
Your cries of pain: My pleasure
To know my machine internally
Your torment I treasure

Lifeblood combined with semen
Your screaming; my laughter
The compressor is running smoothly
'Tis vengeance I am after

Begging becomes your love song
You're dying (ha-ha); I masturbate
For the crime of burning me
I give to thee:

Pain (Is Irrelevant)

Pain - Pain - Pain - Pain
I hope you enjoy this