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2003-05-09, 10:06
If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it has got to be a duck.
-A Bush administration official referring to trailers found in Iraq which are suspected of being mobile chemical weapons factories.

2003-05-13, 11:45
sounds like the logic they used in medieval times to incriminate witches so they could burn them at the stake...

hree is a joke!

A man hears knocking at the door, so he gets up and opens the door. Standing there is a snail, snail says "hey can i talk to you for a second?", the man picks up the snail and throws it and yells "get the hell outta here!". Three years later the man hears a knocking on the door, opens it up, and the snail says "what the heck was that all about?"

i swear i have told that joke to everyone... no one has laughed. i read it once and i havn't stopped laughign for 3 days. what gives!

2003-07-22, 01:23
The president is not a fact checker.
-A White House official justifying the lie of president Bush in his January 2003 speech about Iraq trying to buy Uranium from Niger.

2003-07-22, 23:47
Originally posted by Dollar_Girl
sounds like the logic they used in medieval times to incriminate witches so they could burn them at the stake...

The bros of Iraq are dead. WHO & U Day.

Who wants to kill women anyway other than weirdos like them.

I think some men sould burn.

2003-10-09, 18:10
I think with the Chicago Cubs in the playoffs and what's going on in California, one could find something more important than that.
-Donald Rumsfeld's response at a press conference, when asked his view about power changes in Iraq that transferred more power to the White House and away from the Defense department.

2003-10-12, 04:10

sould BURN

2004-04-02, 09:18
"we should not send our troops to stop ethnic cleansing or genocide outside our strategic interests. I would NOT send United States troops to Rwanda"
G.W.Bush jan 23rd 2000

now 3 times what dies in the world trade centers died everyday for 100 days in rwanda in 1994
and its keeps going on
why dont they bother
and theres no oil yet
untill they find some major resource they will keep dying
and it also led to the civil war in the DROC (Democratic Republic Of Congo)now
fucking capitalist government pigs
what else can i say?
they deserve it
wouldnt he have been fired by now if people had heard that?
or do they spin more shit into it to make them look ok?
why are people ignoring people on such a widescale

2004-04-03, 03:09
I saw a documentary yesterday on PBS about Rwanda. It made me really pissed off at the United States.

2004-04-03, 04:02
hey hey welcome to the club
ive been hatin them for years
i want a i hate new york shirt
if they exist (cant see why not lol)
i wonder if our houses will get bombed now :p

2004-04-03, 04:53
i want a i hate new york shirt
That reminds me, of how when I went to Senegal last year, the two most popular people were:
1. Madonna
2. Osama bin Laden

That is based on the stickers people had on their vans or cars there. I thought the mixture was pretty interesting. Also, New York is a pretty popular city judging by the T-shirts there.

A few hours ago I was writing up a new Rwanda thread for the forum here, on the laptop on the way back on the plane from Miami, which I will post sometime between now and the anniversary date of the genocide, which is April 10th.

2004-09-20, 01:50
i didn't think it was funny then although i understand it now...

2004-09-20, 17:04
this is only the beginning u aint seen nothing yet

2004-09-20, 17:09
this is only the beginning u aint seen nothing yet

what are you talking about? and I meant that snail joke...where'd it go to? didn't I have it in quotes somewhere??? :confused:

2007-03-29, 23:02
"It would be the bugle of retreat, it would be echoed and repeated from every minaret in Iraq: the coalition forces have decided to take the first step backwards."

-Senator John Warner voicing his disapproval of a resolution in the Senate calling for a troop withdrawal from Iraq by April 2008.

I found this quote interesting because of the word "minaret" by Senator Warner. His choice of words is an admission that the U. S. presence in Iraq is a Crusade against Islam, which he supports.

2007-04-03, 13:07
Dude, it would be just brilliant to see u get hired as one of the primary presidential speech writers. What works of art u shall create!

2007-04-11, 23:14
"I think it is fair to all soldiers that all share the burden equally"

-Defense Secretary Robert Gates 20070411 announcing that soldiers would have their tours extended in Iraq from 12 months to 15 months.

The wording of the quote was interesting to me because of the phrase "all share the burden equally". If it were really true then Gates would go to Iraq himself and spend 15 months on patrol looking for Muslims to kill. President Bush should send his daughters there for 15 month tours, in some really dangerous areas. And the Congressmen and Americans who supported the war should be sending their sons over to Iraq to kick Allah's ass. I don't see why there is a shortage of soldiers when millions of people supported the war, and still after all this the majority of the Congress continues to support it.

When Gates said he wants all to share the burden equally, it was a very small "all".

2007-04-16, 02:47
It 's funny to see the only criticism of this conflict coming from the survivors of dead soldiers. When they're alive, their families support it; when their son dies, families start to question what happened and why. Too little. too late folks.


2007-06-05, 15:45
George Bush 20070605

"The people of the Czech Republic don't have to choose between being a friend of the United States or a friend with Russia. You can be both. We don't believe in a zero-sum world."
-president Bush in Czechoslovakia

Does this mean the former statement by Bush made 2001-09-20: "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." was not true?

2007-06-16, 02:24
'lurkie, you are a man of ideas.

Why don't you run for public office. I'd bet that you would have a blast.