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View Full Version : i am the messiah of the superman

2003-12-03, 20:58
you have been bred and trained to be docile sheep. it is not in your nature, but your religions and culture have made you defy your nature. under the pretense of civilizing you, you have become docile, lobotomized, and emasculated.

let us start with the notion of civilization. he who does not master himself will be mastered by others. i do not dispute that. self control and self discipline are worthy traits. but apollonians have corrupted the concept of civilization by taking it to the level of denying your strong traits and nature, in order to enslave and pacify you.

apollonian culture has deprived you of your vitality. you have become domesticated and dependent. you have become willing slaves to serve as a tool for the whims of various despots, who you think to be your leaders.

religion is the opiate of the masses, and the shrewd amongst your leaders are truly atheistic and pragmatic. they won't admit that they don't believe in the crap that you believe in. but like drug dealers who peddle their crap to users, they have to be clean themselves, or they will fall under the influence and lose their intellectual advantage.

the majority of people in this world are willing slaves. those who are knowledgeable are able to weigh, negotiate, and define morality itself.

the powers that are in charge do not want you questioning right from wrong. instead they want you to believe that morality is not negotiable.

the apollonian grip upon the masses has been set in the judeo-christian model, and the shared heritage of an "old testament" bible.

the parable of the forbidden fruit in the garden of eden sums up your indoctrinated slavery pretty well. there you have unquestioning, lobotomized faith in what your god wants. in such a utopian model, you are to remain lobotomized and ignorant. the devil represents the one person who will free you and give you the gift of knowledge, which is represented as the forbidden apple. understand that while that story is depicted by apollonians as the failure of mankind, i can assure you that the fact that mankind chose knowledge over stupidity, is indeed something we ought to rejoice in.

let freedom ring, for even in the apollonian fairy tale, mankind willfully chose to be knowledgeable and to decide right from wrong rather than to be docile sheep that blindly obeyed. that is something we ought to rejoice in.

i am the antichrist, for i am here to free you from the chains of apollonian slavery propogated by your apollonian jesus. i am the dionysian jesus, and ye shall find redemption in me.

the powers that be do not want me to liberate you. they do not trust you to decide right from wrong yourselves. they underestimate your abilities. in order to progress to a society of superhumans, you must boldly follow my ways, and my knowledge shall free ye from the chains of ignorance.

i will make of thee wolves rather than sheep. man will become superman. do not fear knowledge and revolution. follow my ways, or forever be bound in chains.

2003-12-04, 10:59
so in other words, free urself from one who enslaves, and be bound by the chains of yet another preaching another ideal paradise.

I think if you were an apple, i would polish u and then eat ur flesh and your seed. :eatout:

2003-12-05, 02:42
Originally posted by Dollar_Girl
I think if you were an apple, i would polish u and then eat ur flesh and your seed.
Anyone up for a banana?

2003-12-05, 02:57

make'em Mean ~