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View Full Version : John Ashcroft needs to save us

2003-12-09, 12:26
John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States, has been lying low. He is the top enforcer of the law in the country, but he is a pragmatic man who can see the importance of breaking the law in order to preserve law and order, God, country, apple pie, and Cheney's oil.

His successes so far were personally destroying two of his opponents in plane crashes. First he knocked out Mel Carnahan when his plane crashed in Missouri. He oversaw the anthrax mailings, which were used to heighten the terror of Americans and get the Patriot Act passed. Then he had the plane of Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota crash.

Well duty calls him once again with the emerging threat of Howard Dean. It looks like Dean is the one who will be facing off against Bush. Dean is a major threat to Bush because he really is an uncorrupted outsider who believes in the goodness of the United States, rather than exploiting and corrupting it.

By any means necessary he must be stopped.

John Aschcroft, it's time for you to work your magic.