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View Full Version : Dec. 10, The World Loses A Great Guy

2003-12-12, 03:06

Rest In Peace Michael S. Beier... (known as Dark to many)

You were a hell of a guy...

2003-12-12, 09:17
It's unbelievable. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. More information can be found at TehRu (http://www.tehru.org/showthread.php?t=1036).

2003-12-12, 12:05
I wish I didn't have to bring it to attention...

it just all seems so unreal...:sad:

2003-12-13, 04:15
Often when someone dies tragically, without living a "full" life, I try to keep in mind that the person was once a baby, with so much of the attention and blessings that are given to newborn babies. I recall seeing all of that when my daughter was born, and I wondered how many of those people would still be around to give her their blessings when she turned twenty. It's as if there is too much attention paid to newborns and too little attention later on in life paid to adults. Ironically the most appreciation and respect we show people is not until after they die, in our memories and eulogies of them.

So much effort is spent just to raise one child into a full-fledged adult and human being. Think of how Dark's parents must have changed his diapers thousands of times, how he learned thousands of words, what's right and wrong, and spent years in school. We forget about how much effort and energy is made just to raise one person.

Within each person, is a world itself. The loss of a person is the loss of a whole world.

We forget to appreciate how valuable the life of each person is, due to the prevalence of tragedies in the world. But we are reminded of the preciousness of human life, and we don't take it for granted, when someone we know dies.

2003-12-13, 08:13
It's a real shame. He struck me as a nice guy who was eager to share and please. I saw the obit page in his local paper and it was really jarring to see the ages of the deceased that day- 84, 88, 94, 22.

2003-12-13, 20:23
When people disappear from forums I fear the worst, but for the most part people move on to other places. If no one knows us personally on forums, then we could stop posting and people would never know what happened to us. Who knows what fate has befallen other members from the past; those ghosts and names from the past which haunt us.

2003-12-13, 21:26
Originally posted by Harby
In my case...if anyone knew or even cared..would probably be something like this:

did you hear about that harby kid?
no what about him?
he died.
oh yeah?
too bad.
he was weird anyway.
i never knew him
oh well
life goes on. What would it matter what's said about you then?

It's more important what's being said & thought about you in life.

Isn't it?

2003-12-13, 23:43
Wouldn't it be nice if we could see how we made the World different. If we could see it as if we never existed, that would be interesting. Like in the movie "It's a wonderful life". Imagine being able to see the impact we've had on the lives of others. Hopefully we've had a good impact overall, and left the World a better place than if we were never born.

Yet I must also speak of the realities of history, which is that some people make the World a worse place due to their existence. Or maybe our impact on the World is no different than the randomness that the weather shows. Does it matter really whether it rains on Tuesday, or it rains on Wednesday instead?

We've certainly made an impact on the lives of people we know, but then again, so have the other billions of people on this planet. On the bigger scale of things, we don't add up to much. That is why the life of a person that we know shouldn't be viewed from a bigger global perspective.

I can be forgiven to say that I would rather see a million Chinese people die than see my wife or daughter die.

2003-12-14, 00:24

think like the critter that u are.

I would chew my leg off if nessary. I would eat....

oops wrong BB~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2003-12-18, 18:08
thank you eclectica for informing me of this.
i don't know what to say except i am at a loss of words to describe how i feel.
it has affected me much more than one would think, of a friend from the internet.
Michael, rest in peace, my dear.
tehru was not available for me to pay my respects to the hearts of those, there.
so i send them here.
cash, sixxy, squid.....u guys...i am trully sorry for this loss.
and to those of u here.
may we always remember Dark and keep a cyber candle lit for him, here, so he will know his spirit is always welcome.

2003-12-18, 18:19
Sorry, they upgraded their bulletin board at TehRu, and changed the path of their links, by removing the /forum folder. I'll fix it now in the above post. The correct link is here: