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View Full Version : things are a little S-L-O-W today

2003-12-15, 02:00
move along nothing to see here folks!

2003-12-15, 02:57
things are a little S-L-O-W today


that should give u plenty of time then.

2003-12-15, 04:13
Sunday is my quietest day, and I try to stay off the caffeine.

What elaborate mixture of drug cocktails do you need to get out of bed in the morning?

I was going to go to bed, but my wife is using the toilet, and I have to take a piss. While waiting I came to the computer. Maybe I should just go piss in the kitchen sink?

When jcmd62 is around me, he assumes the position of "beta male".

I think Saddam looked a bit like Al Gore with the beard. That's the look of a distinguished, retired leader.

2003-12-15, 09:13
Of course sinks were made to be pissed in. They're the perfect height.

2003-12-15, 09:50
I used to have various security guard jobs. The best one was when I was at the "fire command station", at a bank in 1994-1995 and there were two guards assigned to the desk. I worked the 00:00 to 08:00 shift at night. Well only one guard actually had to be at the desk. So my partner would go up into any of the offices, and take the number down, and I would give him a wake up call at 06:00 before all the folks came in in the morning. I remember one night he actually came in to the job with a pillow; that was funny.

The guy who worked at the guard post in the day time from 08:00 to 16:00 had the most time and knowledge of the job. It was "his" post. There were various computers on the site which were responsible for alarms. He would have a fit if any of the computers were offline when he relieved me at 08:00 in the morning. So I had to figure everything out myself in the middle of the night, because no one was around then to help me. Pretty soon I knew more about the systems than the senior arse who worked the day tour, which he didn't like.

One of the computers was a Windows 3X, and that was my first usage of a Windows computer. I didn't have one at home. We used it to play games at night so that we could stay awake. Then they tried to block us from using it, so I learned to find ways around that by rebooting it and holding the F5 or F8 key down to get into DOS.

They had a new alarm system installed, and they couldn't figure how to use it. It was having problems, so the guy came and tried to fix it. Being bored at night, I decided to take a look myself and discovered an error in the "autoexec.bat" file. That is the file which would list the order of programs to open when the computer would boot up. I noticed an error in that there was a spelling mistake of one of the programs, causing the failure. So I wrote down exactly what was wrong with the program. The next day I found out I was fired from that site by the bank, but not from the security guard company which did the contracting. The senior arse on the day tour really despised me, for one because I knew more about the operations of the site in six months than he did in his years there. He spread an atmosphere of poisonous lies against me, that I was a dangerous hacker. I must have embarassed the company which was supposed to install and fix the computer, because I figured out their problem and they couldn't. They all conspired together and made the claim that I caused $40,000 dollars of damage to their new computer. The head of security didn't know anything about computers, so he believed them. My night supervisor knew better, but he was overruled by the head of security.

Security guards can be convenient scapegoats, and they don't have job security. Look at what happened to Richard Jewell in 1996.