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View Full Version : hahaha Saddamn got owned

2003-12-16, 01:59
Owned like a fat kid playing dodge ball...

2003-12-16, 02:29
One of the tabloids in New York had a headline: "THEY BAGGED THE BUM". I thought that was funny.


2003-12-16, 03:11
I liked Saddam's "Rob Zombie" look...

hell, he could have been the next American Idol if we hadn't shaved him...


I liked the reports of: "his tunnel was a mess, there were mars bars everywhere".... I laughed, and then cried when I found out it was true...

2003-12-18, 04:57
hmmm somehow i dont think rob zombie is the type for american idol
lol australian version is the same
he got done over
and now the only one with WMD!! The US
they are dying for totally no reason now

George W. Bush
2003-12-18, 05:06
Originally posted by Criminal_Sniper
The US they are dying for totally no reason now

Correct that: they are dying to get me reelected.

2003-12-18, 11:51
i think he looks a little like santa clause. Talk about Christmas spirit.

2003-12-19, 00:54
Originally posted by Dollar_Girl
i think he looks a little like santa clause. Talk about Christmas spirit.

i swear i saw the guy pickin' butts out of the can at 7-11

2003-12-21, 20:40
Here's an Aljazeera news article (http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/A1D11E46-3EE1-4DDC-A193-E3233A933275.htm) that says that Saddam was captured first by Kurds, and then handed over to the Americans.

2004-01-07, 15:12
sounds about right
the us has reasons to lie
they would not be there if they didnt to start with

2004-01-18, 05:55
On Thursday January 15, "unauthorized" photos (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/photo_gallery/3402927.stm) of Saddam Hussein were released on the internet. Such photos violate the Geneva convention that prohibits public humiliation of prisoners, as this article (http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/177A7A00-B668-4C69-978C-24506FE3F1E8.htm) explains.

2004-01-19, 00:49
were they BAD pictures?

did those pics kill like sadsack.......

don be a shit.

2004-01-19, 05:06
Such photos violate the Geneva convention that prohibits public humiliation of prisoners..
maybe they should've mercilessly tortured him, gassed him, then stuck him in a chipper head first...or murdered him in some other horrific way......as he has done to prisoners....and his own people for 40 years.

that would have been far more humane than showing a picture of that insane murdering dictator sh*t being captured.

:rollseyes into infinity:

2004-01-19, 11:41
Originally posted by registered
then stuck him in a chipper head first
The thought turns me on. It would be good to be fuck him in the ass while he's getting fed into the chipper, which each thrust pushing him further into the chipper, and then cumming into a bloody lubricated torso.

2004-01-19, 17:05

2004-10-09, 16:28
I was thinking, that Saddam really wasn't such a bad guy. We heard about the "torture and rape rooms" from his era but the Americans had the same thing going on at Abu Ghraib prison. In regards to his ambiguous stance towards whether Iraq possessed "weapons of mass destruction", that was purposefully done on his part to deter Iran from invading his country again. I'm not sure what the problem with "weapons of mass destruction" is anyways. The Americans used them in 1945 on the Japanese.

Are you proud to be American? What honor, dignity, or grace has this country shown? The killing by the CIA and the military of the Iraqi General Abid Hamed Mowhoush (http://olympics.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=topNews&storyID=6409378) who surrendered, is not quite the same as the genteel surrender (http://www.sewanee.edu/faculty/Willis/Civil_War/documents/GrantLee.html) of Robert Lee in the Civil War.

Sure Americans may laugh at how Saddam was caught hiding out in a hole, but there's now doubt in my mind that the leader of the Americans, president George Bush, lacks the fortitude and strength to hide out in a hole and be a fugitive himself. He only knows the life of the silver spoon and the gilded china plates and the warm comfortable bed.

As far as I'm concerned, Saddam is the only rightful ruler of Iraq.

2004-10-09, 17:56
there are no rightful rulers
we are all guilty
and the U.S.A. is number one in all forms of weapons production
perhaps russia beats them but they just sell half of them at a profit

most of the bad things are from the united states helping him
he fucked kuwait and they were scared of him going and doing saudi arabia over
their little darling
desert shield ->
desert storm

they still will not attack them for breeding Bin Laden!!!

im confused
well not really when i look deeper
but as to how people can sit back in this shit