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View Full Version : Eminem and his racist tape

2003-12-19, 01:51
Eminem made a recording years ago in which the lyrics have been widely interpreted to be racist. When news of this former song came to light, it was bad for Eminem, and he apologized. Eminem claims the song is fifteen years old, written in 1988 when he was sixteen, while The Source (http://www.thesource.com/) magazine, owned by Ray Benzino and David Mays, claims the song is ten years old and was written in 1993 when he was 21. Here are the lyrics to the song:

Recently The Source magazine had in their plans to release a copy of his song on CD. It was to be in their magazine issue scheduled to go on news stands 2004-01-13. Eminem sued the magazine, and a couple of days ago a judge ruled in his favor. The CDs won't be included in the magazine as originally planned.

Here is the song that was to be released in the magazine:
Eminem - Foolish Pride.mp3 (http://napsterite.org/eclectica/mp3/Eminem - Foolish Pride - The Source racist tape.mp3) 4.3 MB