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2003-12-20, 06:22
move along nothing to see here folks!

2003-12-20, 16:57
ES5 is obviously deceptive. What do you believe to be the ultimate goal and motivation of their program and site? Who are they working for?

2003-12-20, 18:18
Originally posted by eclectica
ES5 is obviously deceptive. What do you believe to be the ultimate goal and motivation of their program and site?

2004-04-21, 12:48
today i was feeling sad, and i left work early. It was at 6.20 pm. I left and i went to the park down the road, sat on the grass and had a good cry. Crying when i am sad makes me feel better and releases stress.
ANyway, during my lonely cry, so many people walked passed, and just glanced, and i realised what a strange world it is.

I used to wonder how the fuck people can feel lonely in a world with over 6 billion people... and i realised, it was because despite having over 6bn ppl, we all ignore each other. I get ignored and i ignore back... i guess that is life. I'd be lying if i said i noticed and appreciated EVERY SINGLE person that rushed passed me.

The most painful thing is being rejected by people you want to notice you. When people we love or care about reject or dont feel the same back, its very painful. That also creates a lonely feeling, because in our world THOSE are the people that matter, and when the people that matter in our lives dotn feel the same way, it creates a sense of lonliness.

It pains me to know that so many people in this world feel alone, because it is such an unnecessary feeling, and such a painful one. Six billion people with beating hearts exist on this planet, all beating to the same rythm of life, and still so many feel lonely? I can't believe this is the world we live in. I dont blame anyone though, because i dont expect everyone to aknoweldge everyone, but it does'nt make it any less painful to know. The undestanding of reality and imperfection is what drives man to dream and strive for better.


2004-04-21, 21:41
People tend to get lonely on the days in which everybody is supposed to be with family or friends, such as Thanksgiving or New Year's day. It must be that Society places so much expectations on certain holidays that it becomes a disappointment for those who fail to meet those expectations.

Part of the problem of loneliness is the fact that people have been taught to only associate with their own class of people and are not open to socializing with different groups of people. One would tend to feel lonely if one was not a normal person.

When people vocally talk to themselves, that is due either to lack of self discipline or loneliness.

It's worse to die lonely than to die as a celebrity.

The beauty of the internet and the social impact it has, is that it allows us to create our own groups of people who we socialize with regardless of how different or odd we are. I am not bound to a community based on geography anymore. But there are drawbacks to our internet community, because it's nice to socialize with a real flesh and blood person too. We have physical needs too that need to be met, and no matter how much I would want to comfort Dollar_Girl in her times of loneliness, I'm 12000 miles away and not aware of them in real time to do anything about it. If she didn't volunteer the information on her state of sadness then I wouldn't be aware of it.

Loneliness is a big problem in Western or modern societies. I think of the term "cellular" to describe the relationships we have with others in our modern society. Warmth and friendliness between strangers is discouraged.

Dollar_Girl, I want you to know that in this World of 6 billion people, there are some out there who would welcome you as a friend and open their hearts to you even though you a stranger. You are lonely because of your surroundings. Think about it: right now some poor dude in Africa has cooked extra food in his meal hoping for a complete stranger to stop by and to be welcomed, and meanwhile in Manhattan there is probably some rich millionaire asshole in his tinted closed car windows who is ordering his driver to get somewhere in a hurry.

I hope you can see what is really valuable in this World: to distinguish between gold and what is golden. It calls for a revaluation of all values.

2004-04-22, 01:03
There comes a time when we learn to stick our nose up in the air and limber up the middle finger.

The sooner a thicker skin can be grown is benifical to mental health.

However, a way/path still needs to be left open to our softer sides.

The way to my 'softer side' is pretty much a toll road.

Actions always speak louder than words.

2004-04-22, 11:45
you're a fake (http://www.skyviewzone.com/sunsigns2/scorpio2.htm)

2004-04-23, 00:55
[QUOTE=eclectica, you're a fake[/QUOTE]

:) u're got the f and k right......

just forgot the UC.


2004-04-24, 09:26
this is me
im a gemini
it explains me pretty well
the key words in the slideshow were : intellectual, logical, Idealistic, thinking, communication and learning
those are all thing i like and commit myself to

it says id rather a good book or movie to a good munch its true i forget to eat because i get so rapped up in things

if u know me in the slightest u would see some truth in what this says

You are, in many ways, an eternal child. Your mind is bright,
alert, curious, flexible, playful, and always eager for new
experiences - and your attention span is often quite brief. You
grasp ideas quickly and once your initial curiosity has been
satisfied, you want to go on to something else. You crave
frequent change, variety, meeting new situations and people.

It may be hard for you to decide just where your talents and
true vocation lies, for you have a multitude of interests and are
loathe to limit yourself by concentrating on just one. You are
easily distracted by all of the other fascinating possibilities.
Your curiosity and restlessness propel you into many different
experiences in life, and you are willing to taste or try anything
once. Doing the same thing over and over again, even it is
something you do well, is real drudgery for you.

You live in your head a great deal - reading, observing,
thinking, spinning ideas around - and you need mental stimulation
every bit as much as you need food and drink. In fact, if you had
to choose between a good book or movie and a good lunch, you
would very likely choose the former. You have a creative mind and
often live by your wits.

You are also a very social creature, with a strong need to
communicate and to interact with people. You enjoy using and
playing with words and have a real flair for getting your ideas
across in a clever, interesting, articulate manner Writing or
speaking are areas you have talent for.

You also have a rather light and mischievous sense of humor,
and often do not take anything too seriously. Though you crave
emotional involvement, it is hard for you to achieve it, for you
are frequently unwilling to commit yourself to anything, to take
responsibility, or to limit your personal freedom and mobility.

Your happiness lies in using your creativity and your
language skills to communicate something meaningful, to teach,
inspire, or bring people together. You have an unbiased mind and
can usually offer a fresh, clear, uncluttered perspective. Your
faults are your lack of constancy and persistence, and your
tendency to overlook or ignore deep emotional issues and other
people's feelings.

2004-04-24, 10:29
7:25 PM Tim!
now i dont have apattern
AM and PM are the same to me
except dentists appointments
up to 10 o'clock so im fine there
might be around later if ya wanna chat

2004-04-24, 14:27
im on now
but yeah i wasnt on a bit
if i go too far id say something :p

2004-04-25, 17:20
im not sure what to think of it
buts its good and pretty accurate so i cant say anything bad its all good
could have made me smarter though :p
and maybe some women falling around my feet or something