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View Full Version : Things I like

2003-12-20, 07:22
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-02-18, 00:43
1) the word "cocksucker" as an insult and as a general curse word

2) roller coasters

2004-02-19, 00:24
ur wrong harb... it does work if you try to say it to women... just try saying it to your mother :coward: Dont know about you, but my mother would come after my head with a baseball bat :coward:

my current favourite things are :

1) Gelati (especially hazelnut, green apple, coconut)

2) Raw Tuna and Raw Salmon :bluefish:

2004-02-19, 01:09
I used to like Cheese Dip and Tortilla chips till I ate the whole bag 5 minutes ago. Now I'm kinda sick and never want to see them again.

I like Worms World Party and am getting it now so I can network it on my 3 machines here.