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View Full Version : some real heartwarming holiday thoughts

2003-12-23, 21:50
move along nothing to see here folks!

2003-12-23, 22:46
thanks nigger

2003-12-23, 22:50
but you have to admit that my rather frightening heartwarming holiday thoughts have given people an appreciation of peace.

if it weren't for me harby, people wouldn't appreciate your real heartwarming holiday thoughts.

i serve a purpose too.

so if half of us die from a plague, then the other half will live with a healthy appreciation of life.

these damned new yorkers stopped smiling or making eye contact long ago. it's time for another 9/11 just to bring their human side out.

don't you think that it would be worth it?

Osama bin Laden
2003-12-23, 22:56
dear harby; king of the jews:

you ought to celebrate the death of christ rather than the birth of christ. it is because in death christ got all you fucked up "christians" off the hook.

no more original sin for ye.

i can picture all the christians crucifying christ themselves if they had the chance. he's the perfect scapegoat for all your flaws. thanks to jewsus ye had a martyr to make the romans and the barbarians create a new religion.

what the hell would you do if christ didn't get crucified?

i'll bet you christians would crucifiy him yourselves, just to fulfill the prophesy.

all that false pity towards christ is just a masked self-pity.

sorry for the reality check.

2003-12-23, 23:38
Originally posted by harby
Its always about communication with me. imho

It always seem more like a need to feed a small ego in order to boost low self esteem.

Sorry, just my ism, nothing personal intended.

2003-12-24, 01:32
okay, just to let you all know, E is out of the game for a while.

several caffeine pills and beers put that fucking apollonian lover of enemies back in the fucking can where he belongs.

(bad meat in a can = spam?)

so you have to deal with the dionysian jesus tonight, tim.

i'm the head nigger in charge.

it's like the nutty professor. E thrives on this chance to be a real man.

so harby, i won't offend you further but i can start a new thread instead, about jesus h. christ.

then you can ignore me, but i have the feeling you'll be reading it and getting some kind of excitement out of it.

you know i love you and it's all for fun.

such is the affection that i have for you, that i would even would let you lick my balls.

i would not let you suck it though, because then my libido would be lost and all the debauchery would be finished.

oh, woe is me.

2003-12-24, 01:43
okay harby, the gears are in motion and i am working on another thread. i should leave this one alone so that the hearwarming holiday wishes are not tainted.

ye gods, i have spoilt the virginity of this thread.

mmm, how about skullfucking that one?

damn i love these smilies. let's see how the "ogre" looks.

libido maximus
2003-12-24, 01:44
damn, i can't edit the last thread.

miss dollar can though. :eatout:

2003-12-24, 02:10
Originally posted by harby
the sting from your barb pii..still hurts.

if you have a healthy ego? what fuels it?

is what I do wrong? Again, imo

You're perhaps as normal or more normal than most.

We're all as normal as we are abnormal, vis-a-vis. It depends on who's looking or listening that determins our sanity or state of mind.

2003-12-24, 03:15
Originally posted by harby
is the fact he was immobile for that time make it or him of 'no value'? was the pleasure he had during this experience good or bad? What's it like when you die?

If you can answer that, you can answer your question.

2003-12-24, 03:51
Originally posted by harby
i don't know what that's like as i'm obviously not dead..lol

but seriously...what do you think will happen?

is this one life all you feel you have? is there no heaven or hell

for you?

is the pain of living your own personal hell? can dying free

u from it?

too d33p Death is like sleep, I think....I wonder if we dream.

Some, if not all of us live many lives. The more lives we've lived, the wiser, more tolerant we become. We learn from each life and carry parts of our past lives with us. Past lives are also the cause of our fears and phobias or if you will, our neurotic dejavus.

There's no pain in my life, only experiences.

Do you have a painful life?

2003-12-24, 04:12
Originally posted by harby
Sometimes i can only go to sleep after i see the sun shine...darkness seems to hold a certain terror/comfort for me.

and now with my mind...i think i see "demons" i feel tormented.

Originally posted by Pii
Past lives are also the cause of our fears and phobias or if you will, our neurotic dejavus.

2003-12-24, 14:27
Harby, I'm finding your voyage of self discovery interesting. I hope you find what you are looking for and I hope you can find some peace inside of yourself.

I also sincerely hope that you, too have a Happy Holiday season and that there are loved ones in your life to share it with.

2003-12-24, 15:07
Hold tight to your happy and hopeful and don't let anyone take it away from you.

Merry Christmas, harby.

2003-12-24, 20:45
It must be pretty normal to have cycles of happiness and sadness in life. I think that one can not be always happy, but one needs to have sadness as well in order to have happiness.

Your singing reminds me of a song I recorded in 1994 when I was 22. I used to play music a lot, and I had a peak in my productivity around that time. The last song I wrote was in 2000.

I'll upload the song and get it to you.

Thanks for sharing the music with the rest of us. It takes courage to share something of yourself with the rest of us.

2003-12-24, 22:50
Here's the song I recorded in June 1994. I was feeling pretty despondent one night, and I wrote the lyrics to the song which I had been developing. It's the only song I ever wrote with lyrics. I sing and play the keyboards on the recording as well.

pitiful slave.mp3 (http://napsterite.org/eclectica/mp3/TGWR - pitiful slave.mp3) 6.2 MB

i like to feel the sun upon my face;
it helps me find peace within my mind.
but nothing much can please me anymore;
sadness beckons me forever more.

how i've wondered when i'll pass away;
will i live to see another day?
sadness has become my only friend;
the one that will stay with me to the end.

death is obsessing me;
taking every moment of my time.
the hours are spend trying
a way toward the end.

very soon my time shall come,
and only then will i find peace.
and written upon my grave:
"oh pitiful slave".

2003-12-25, 02:16
And remember, all smiles are beautiful, even from people with ugly teeth!

2003-12-28, 01:10
Originally posted by Pii

It always seem more like a need to feed a small ego in order to boost low self esteem.


no shit.