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View Full Version : Cool Link

2003-05-13, 15:05
I love this site my favorite part is the funny pics and tasteless stories. www.ehowa.com :bluefish:

2003-05-13, 23:50
from the forums rules (http://forums.ehowa.com/viewtopic.php?t=6218) page:
Repeatedly fucking with members of the EHOWA forums will get you banned. Don't come here thinking that you are Mr. Big Shot from forums.bigcocks.com, because you aren't shit unless you prove yourself first.
Do you think they could handle the phallus magnus of the Masturbating Jesus?


2003-05-14, 01:03
LOL I dunno....I haven't really checked out the forums yet. I am still caught up in the funny stuff. :bluefish:

2003-05-14, 04:49
I'm looking more at the site and it seems to be run by alpha males.