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View Full Version : christianity explained

2003-12-24, 02:28
why are we at christmas celebrating the birth of christ? well christ was a mortal, so celebrating the birth of him is also celebrating the inexorable death. we all knew when jesus was born that he would die. and the best part of it, was that he became a scapegoat for our sins. we were cleansed of the original sin.

if we don't recognize christ then we will continue to be damned, and burn in hell. we will never be free of the eternal sin of eve tasting the forbidden seed of the serpent.

it's a sign of christian faith to will the very death of christ. the devil tempts us to wish that christ were to live, if history could be different by our will. we must remain steadfast in our faith, and consider the death of christ to be a good thing. if christ didn't die, then we would not be cleansed of the original sin. if christ didn't die, then christianity wouldn't be as potent, and jesus would never achieve martyr status. jesus would have been another nutcase cult leader who we would soon forget about.

the christians would gladly crucify christ to fulfill their prophesy. if he managed to escape, they would track him with dogs, and throw him right back up there. he must be crucified so that we can have an excuse for our failure. he must die for our sins.

judas was not a traitor. he was the best disciple out there. he simply had the balls to do what the others didn't have to do, which is make a martyr out of their cult leader.

the day that jesus was crucified is called "good friday". if jesus were spared, it would be called "bad friday", or "premature ejaculating jesus friday".

the only true christian was jesus, and he was a sorry ass dumb cult leader. he thinks he died for everyone else when in reality he died just to give his shrewd followers some street credibillity.

let us celebrate christmas in a somber way, and pity the apollonians who have wasted their lives on false causes.

2003-12-24, 03:21
Originally posted by MasturbatingJesus
he died just to give his shrewd followers some street credibillity.

2004-01-07, 15:44
the difference between the christians and jews is that the jews dont recognise jesus
they all contradict each other but cannot back up thier own beliefs
science has mowed its ass over

2004-09-21, 19:19
he is almost an ancient times osama
cept he wasn't AS violent
though his followers were
he hated the jews and it mentions it many times
they were the true enemies of christ
and they crucified him
which was researved for revolutionary activities
and thiefs didnt get that punishment
all makes sense if u do not follow the bibles bullshit but it does conform most of it
they took out most of his bad side i believe to make him look like he had done nothing wrong and superior to common man
i could do it to myself
take out the bad bits of course im gunna look good

thats exactly why hitler was such a good christian
he killed the jews
the moneylenders table was turned over by jesus
we know them to be what?
it is still occuring that jews own most of the worlds banks
ive never liked many christians jews or really anyone who believes in an almighty GOD
i do not seem to get along with most them
i even felt that way about myself when i was a christian

the more i read and think about it the more these religions make sense to me
they just do not make me feel that they are about anything other than control and creating division

deaf blind & dumb and born to follow