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View Full Version : the positive social impacts of p2p filesharing

2003-12-29, 03:23
Filesharing has been likened to stealing, or has been compared to even more serious crimes. While the laws of some governments may deem filesharing illegal, there is nothing morally wrong with it. Such laws have as much moral weight as laws against jaywalking or laws banning alcohol. At the worse filesharing could be called a vice, but that assessment ignores the positive social impacts that filesharing has.

Peer-to-peer filesharing brings people together who have similar interests. It creates online communities that are not based on geography but on culture. The internet has created a social revolution because it has allowed different people to feel that they too have a place no matter how strange they are. It gives hope to those who would in previous times not have fit a certain mold and were different. Many lonely hearts have found solace in online communities. Online communities have allowed for diversity and exploration of the human spirit. These online communities are no less legitimate than the traditional communities of the past. The people who participate in them do so passionately. Peer-to-peer filesharers willingly share their music with others, and it gives them a warm feeling inside to share the things they find beautiful with others. No laws or business interests should be allowed to destroy their community. Peer-to-peer filesharing communities ought to be given the same respect and accomodations as religious communities have been given.

Peer-to-peer filesharing keeps kids off the streets, and safe at home under the watchful eyes of their parents. While the big record companies would rather see a kid sitting on the street corner drinking 40 ounce beers, socially it is more beneficial if the kids stay home and download tunes off the internet. We can't allow the business interests of corporations to destroy our youth.

Peer-to-peer filesharing is about the free exchange of ideas and information. Society will always benefit from the free flow of information. The idea that innovation will cease and people will stop being creative due to the open exchange of information is plain wrong. Actually the bottling of knowledge into the hands of the few has reduced and stifled innovation and creativity for the rest of society.

The ultimate driving force behind peer-to-peer filesharing is generosity. The fact that people leave their computers on at their own expense of resources and time speaks of the culture. We've been taught ever since we've been youngsters that it's good to share with others. We get a feeling of satisfaction when people upload music that we like from us. Peer-to-peer filesharing involves random acts of kindness to strangers we've never met, and we are bound together by the love of music.

The big record companies don't understand this. They only understand greed, and so to them rather than seeing the positive social impacts of filesharing, they only see it as a loss of business control.

2004-01-06, 19:34
ive always loved to give what i can
ive usually gone without cause im always trying to please everyone
these kazaa fucks (based in aus now eh? might pay a visit *click**click*)
are just greedy
and we hate greedy people
because they want it all for themselves
and wont let us have any to make our own living
and wont let us get it from someone else at a cheaper price
these are the characteristics of a greedy corporation, businesses or individuals

if anything is going to get better than things have got to change
not the little pieces but the big ones
like im fucking hungry when i dont have any money to buy food
who cares about arabs or africans who in all honesty hate us because of our fucking corporations and governments

the people in power are the very ones that have fucked our planet and are now blaming us

ever heard an old person tell u that shit?
who started the industrial revolution?

they started the greed
and the death (our our mother earth)

i just hope one with a brain created the ultimate client
but then will anyone move
ive given up on kazaa now
i was still using it for video clips